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27 November, 2019 01:41
The “One-on-one” events will be held in all the regions of Ukraine in the eve of the World AIDS Day — we call on Ukrainian citizens to be honest with themselves and make a first step to knowing their HIV status and take online HIV test “One-on-one”. Contacts for additional information and media accreditation: Anastasia Bondarchuk +380 97 394 4956, [email protected]; Darya Kovalenko, +380 95 419 6798, [email protected].
3 September, 2019 16:50
The Elena Pinchuk Foundation is launching a partnership project with Durex, in which 1 hryvnia for each package of condoms of this brand will be directed to the development of the project "Mobile clinics for HIV-positive children". The campaign has been named #неВІДаЗАРАДИ children. It was supported by opinion leaders and well-known bloggers who featured in special promotional videos. The project is aimed at providing HIV-positive children with regular access to the skilled care of pediatricians and specialists working in “mobile clinic” teams.
16 May, 2019 09:34
On May 17, 2019 at 10 am the event “Cure for Indifference” will take place by the "Red Ribbon" Memorial. The event dedicated to the World Commemoration Day of People Who Died of AIDS, launches the European Spring Testing Week, held in Ukraine by the Center for Public Health of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. A press briefing for journalists will take place within the framework of the event. Media accreditation and additional information could be provided by phone and e-mail: +38 (067) 466 87 37, [email protected], Galina Aliikina.
29 November, 2018 12:00
On the eve of the World AIDS Day we cordially invite you to the action "Don’t be a child. Get HIV tested ", which will begin at 10.00 am on November, 30 at the Red Ribbon Memorial (23 Lavrska str, next to the Kyiv Pechersk Lavra). For accreditation and more details please contact: Anastasiya Bondarchuk +380 97 394 4956, [email protected], Daria Kovalenko +380 95 419 6798, [email protected].
News / Elena Pinchuk Foundation
14 March, 2016 13:22
В четверг, 17 марта, Фонд Елены Пинчук «АНТИСПИД» организует специальную благотворительную лекцию для дизайнеров и архитекторов «Секс и искусство. Orange» или «Путешествие фигового листочка». Её проведет эксперт по коммуникациям и креативным технологиям Олеся Драшкаба. Все собранные средства будут направлены на проекты помощи ВИЧ-позитивным детям.