10 August, 2015 21:59

Responses to updated U. S. National HIV/AIDS Strategy

President Barack Obama recently released a modified version of the National HIV/AIDS Strategy, and several leaders and communities have issued their responses.

The new version, titled the "National HIV/AIDS Strategy: Updated to 2020," is designed to outline community, state and national efforts for the fight against HIV/AIDS.

This revision contains the same four overarching goals but modified actions, steps and indicators that will integrate the massive undertaking towards HIV/AIDS.

“Young people have advocated for 30 years for their needs to be prioritized in the HIV and AIDS response,” Advocates for Youth in Washington, D.C., said. “With the release of the new NHAS we know that their voices have been heard. We are excited by the renewed commitment from this administration to ensure new HIV infections will be rare, ensure that everyone has access to the care they need regardless of circumstances, and to end HIV discrimination and stigma.”

Other organizations also weighed in on the updated strategy.

“Our nation’s response to the HIV epidemic is stronger and more coordinated than ever before, but we still have important work to do to ensure the strategy goals are met,” the Foundation for AIDS Research said. “We remain committed to working with the White House, policymakers at all levels of government, and community stakeholders in putting the strategy into action and ending the HIV epidemic once and for all.”

“The revisions to this critical national strategy come at a crucial time in the fight to end the HIV and AIDS epidemic,” Human Rights Campaign said. “While HIV affects Americans from all walks of life, gay and bisexual men, transgender women, youth, and communities of color are disproportionately affected, particularly in the South. Achieving an AIDS-free generation is within our grasp, and Congress must ensure the Obama Administration has the vital resources it needs to meet the strategy’s achievable goals.”

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