11 December, 2018 20:55

Elena Pinchuk Awarded TOP 30 UNDER 30 Award to Ivona Kostyna, Veteran Hub Project Top Manager

On December 11, the Third Award Ceremony of the Young Leaders of Ukraine TOP 30 UNDER 30 took place in Kyiv. The winners of the annual competition are social entrepreneurs, activists, innovators and visionaries, who have achieved significant success under the age of 30. This year Ivona Kostyna, the Chairman of the Board of the Veteran Hub - a joint project of the Elena Pinchuk, Victor Pinchuk Foundations and NGO "Pobratymy" – made it to the top.
Elena Pinchuk Awarded TOP 30 UNDER 30 Award to Ivona Kostyna, Veteran Hub Project Top Manager / Elena Pinchuk Foundation

Elena Pinchuk, the Chairman of the StarLightMedia Steering Committee and the Head of the charitable foundation, that has been working on HIV/AIDS prevention, sexual education for over fifteen years, and the last two years on mentor projects for girls and women, presented Ivona with the Award.

"There are a lot of young and talented people in our country. And our key task is to notice, find and support them. This is an important step to make sure that they will change the life of Ukraine for the better in the future!" – addressed the audience Elena Pinchuk.

Ivona is not only the Veteran Hub Head of the Board, but also the Deputy Chairman of the NGO "Pobratymy". In the past, she was a EuroMaydan volunteer, a program manager for psychosocial adaptation, and administrator for social and creative projects.

Receiving an award, Ivona emphasized: "I think that behind each of us, 30 laureates, are strong and talented people. That is why I want to thank my team from this stage. Thank you to everyone who is working in Veteran Hub today... Thanks to those who support and help us. This award is your accomplishment also. Good luck to us and to the Veteran Hub!"

The researcher and founder of the Myhelix project Darya Loseva, an executive director of the charity network "100% of life" Anastasia Deyeva, social entrepreneur Vladyslav Malaschenko, athlete Viktoria Marchuk and others are among the this year’s award recipients.

The TOP 30 UNDER 30 nomination was founded in 2016 by the Kyiv Post newspaper in partnership with the Victor Pinchuk Foundation. The purpose of the award is to celebrate talented young people who create socially important projects, integrate innovations and help to form a positive image of Ukraine on the international arena. Ivonna Kostina, who became a Head of the Veteran Hub at the age of 22, is among the laureates this year.

The Veteran Hub is the first open space for veterans and NGOs dealing with veteran affairs. The Veteran Hub combines an administrative center that provides social, psychological and legal support and educational platform for socially important event. Today, the Veteran Hub has united seven different public organizations. They will provide psychosocial services while retaining their own organizational and communicational identity. Organizations are united in a common space to make existing services more accessible and convenient for people with different experiences and needs.

For more information, please, contact Pavel Piminov, Communications Director, Elena Pinchuk Foundation: 380 67 466 8736, [email protected].

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