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Elena Pinchuk ANTIAIDS Foundation and Queen released DVD version of the concert in Kharkov

Today Elena Pinchuk ANTIAIDS Foundation and Queen announced the DVD version release of the grand charitable concert that took place on September, 12 2008 in Kharkov. It is the first DVD of the Queen concerts during last 4 years and the sole one of their tour in 2008. Ukrainian release of the concert produced by Lavina Music will be on sale at the beginning of July. This charitable project will continue the collaboration of ANTIAIDS Foundation and The Mercury Phoenix Trust - part of the funds raised from the sale will be directed to help HIV- positive children in Ukraine.
Elena Pinchuk ANTIAIDS Foundation and Queen released DVD version of the concert in Kharkov / Elena Pinchuk Foundation
Author: Queen

International release produced by EMI Records is available worldwide starting from today (except Ukraine). Besides usual DVD format (PAL and NTSC) two versions of the Limited Edition will be released: 2CD Album + DVD and TIN BOX 2CD Album + DVD + T-SHIRT.

Director of the concert video version - David Mallet - is one of the most outstanding British producers. The list of his works includes concerts and video clips of Queen and many others well-known rock-stars.

Executive directors of the project are Elena Pinchuk  and Jim Beach.

Paul Rodgers: vocal and guitar. Brian May: guitar and vocal. Roger Taylor: drums and vocal. Spike Edney: MD and keyboards. Jamie Moses: rhythm guitar. Danny Miranda: bass guitar.


  • One Vision
  • Tie Your Mother Down
  • Show Must Go On
  • Fat Bottomed Girls
  • Another One Bites The Dust
  • Hammer To Fall
  • I Want It All
  • I Want To Break Free
  • Seagull
  • Love Of My Life
  • '39
  • I'm In Love With My Car
  • Say It's Not True
  • Shooting Star
  • Bad Company
  • Guitar Solo
  • Bijou
  • Last Horizon
  • Crazy Little Thing Called Love
  • C-lebrity
  • Feel Like Making Love
  • Bohemian Rhapsody
  • Cosmos Rockin'
  • All Right Now
  • We Will Rock You
  • We Are The Champions
  • God Save The Queen

Photo report from this event is at www.lifemustgoon.net/press/gallery.

About the project

When it comes to taking on logic-defying challenges, Queen have never fought shy: think Hyde Park, Latin America, Live Aid. All these years later, Queen are still living adventurously.Just weeks ahead of the start of the Queen + Paul Rodgers tour in 2008 Elena Pinchuk ANTIAIDS Foundation invited the band to visit Ukraine and to reach out to the youth of the country with the message: "Life must go on! Don't let AIDS ruin your life". In a country facing the highest rising rate of infection throughout Europe, it is a message which cannot wait. "We are coming in Ukraine to say: "We have suffered the great loss of our dear singer Freddie Mercury - we hope this kind of loss does not happen to you. Be kind to yourselves - be careful - be alive!" - musicians appealed to the Ukrainians.

The venue on offer was Kharkov, Ukraine's, historic Freedom Square, a place so big that during World War II it was used to land planes. Over 350,000 Ukrainians came to see them play and more than 10 million homes watched the show live on television. In all, more than 20 million took part in what the band recall as "an unforgettable experience... one of those rare things in life you know you will never forget. A meeting in Music, but also a coming together to fight a common enemy..."

Magic of that outstanding night at the Freedom Square conquer the Europe. On December, 1, at the World AIDS Day, the unique demonstration of the cinema version of the concert will take place in 100 cinemas of the Europe. Only in Great Britain concert will be demonstrated on more than 40 screens. In November special concert release was released on 300 screens in the USA. Cinema version of the concert screened over 30 Ukrainian cinemas equipped with HD-video system (E-Cinema, Dolby ProLogic 5.1)

Renewed photo report from the concert is at www.lifemustgoon.net/press/gallery. All information about concert is at www.lifemustgoon.net.

For detailed information, please, contact Pavel Piminov, Communications Director, Elena Pinchuk  ANTIAIDS Foundation on e-mail: [email protected]Contact phone number: +38 (044) 490 4805.

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