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Those who strive for their business donated 4 000 000 UAH to those who strive for their lives

On Saturday, November 29, 2008, the largest charitable auction in the history of Ukraine took place at Kiev Premier Palace Hotel. The third social collection Fashion AID - AIDS Army Fashion, created by 32 Ukrainian designers and devoted to the fight against AIDS - was sold out. Besides that, Vitaliy and Vladimir Klichko presented their unique lot. Totally during the charitable evening organized by Elena Pinchuk ANTIAIDS Foundation 580 000 USD (4 000 000 UAH) were raised - that is the absolute record for the charitable auctions in Ukraine in general and for the fashion auctions particularly! All funds raised will be directed for creating mobile clinics to help HIV-positive children affected by AIDS epidemic in remote regions of Ukraine.
Those who strive for their business donated 4 000 000 UAH to those who strive for their lives / Elena Pinchuk Foundation
Author: Dmitry Larin | Elena Pinchuk ANTIAIDS Foundation

"Crisis is growing up in all its magnitude. Even we, successful people, feel it. But you're here today because you understand there are people next to us who facing problem of survival, not prosperity. There are people who lived with pain, despair and obscurity even before, but now their lives become harder - medicines rise in prices, enclosed with crisis society gets stale, and incurable disease is progressing. I ask for one thing: during the auction, please remember not only about loved people you want to make a present, but about those you may never meet but whose life can be saved with your generosity and kindness," - Elena Pinchuk said appealing to the guests of the charitable evening before the biddings.

Tatiana, mother of HIV-positive girl, whom Elena Pinchuk ANTIAIDS Foundation has been helping for four years, also turned to the guests: "When my child was diagnosed with HIV we had to leave our little city as doctors said my daughter would live not more than 1-2 years. In Kiev we started our life from scratch, and till this day we are living at the severe conditions sharing one room at the suburb with another family. If qualified doctors could help people from little cities perhaps I wouldn't have to leave my home and my family. I hope these mobile clinics will save all kids living in the little towns. Because not everyone is able to give up everything and struggle for life by oneself in a big city".

That evening a big hall of Premier Palace Hotel was Christmassy decorated. And Christmas miracle happened - in spite of the difficult economic situation more than 360 000 USD was raised for social collection AIDS Army Fashion! The most expensive lot at this part of the auction was sold for 32 000 USD with the starting price 100 USD. By tradition well known Ukrainian humorist Vladimir Zelenskiy after his performance started biddings with the participants of the auction. He succeeded to sell his tie for 4 200 USD!

But the most sensational part of the auction was the end - Vitaliy Klichko triumphal finished the event. Having advised with Elena Pinchuk, Champion of the World delivered a shattering blow to the nerves of the auction participants. He put up for biddings 2 tickets to VIP sector (they are not and won't be on sale) for the future champion fight of Vladimir Klichko vs Hassim Rahman in Manheim, Germany. Violent battle flared up among three rivals. But the real passion burnt after Vladimir Klichko addressed to participants via telephone and promised to present to the winner of the biddings his boxing gloves he'll use during the fight signed by himself and Vitaliy.

"My brother and I always support Elena Pinchuk projects. AIDS is a disease which often is not discussed in our country. But number of people who need help is rising. I hope due to such charitable events as today the amount of new cases of HIV-infection will decrease and we'll be able to improve the quality of life of HIV-positive people. Of course, my brother and I will sign the boxing gloves and they will be delivered to the winner of this lot. I'll do my best to make these gloves become the gloves of the winner. I am grateful to everybody who participates in this auction and grateful to the future winner!" - Vladimir Klichko said.

At the end candidates for the first line at the historical box fight came to the agreement - they united their resources and multiply by 3 the highest price for the tickets. The result was 190 500 USD! As gratitude from Klichko brothers they got 6 tickets at once instead of two for the historical fight.

Totally during charitable evening 580 000 USD (4 000 000 UAH) were raised. All fund raised will be directed to supply mobile clinics to help HIV-positive children in the most affected by AIDS epidemic regions of Ukraine. Elena Pinchuk, Founder of ANTIAIDS Foundation, announced these figures appealing to the guests at the end of the evening and kindly thanked participants of the auction and artists.

History of the project

In 2007 before the start of the project Elena Pinchuk, Founder of ANTIAIDS Foundation, met top Ukrainian designers to reveal them the scale of HIV/AIDS epidemic in Ukraine and its consequences for the thousands lives of Ukrainians. The story thrilled. As a result leaders of the fashion-society formed the core of the creative group which had represented social fashion show against AIDS for the third season.  

March, 2007. At the catwalk of UFW Elena Pinchuk ANTIAIDS Foundation presented social brand Fashion AID. At that time 30 designers united to claim their social position and created red attires dedicated to the fight against AIDS. That collection was sold on charitable auction organized by ANTIAIDS Foundation and raised 203 260 USD. These means were spent to support two families that fostered eight HIV-positive children. That was precedent for Ukraine, because orphans with HIV diagnosis have never been adopted before. To improve living conditions of these kids Foundation bought house and flat in Makeyevka for these foster families; the part of means directed to the project of financial support HIV-positive children by deposit account, to arrangement of the playground in Kiev orphanage "Berezka", to summer vacation of HIV-positive orphans from Odessa, Poltava, Kiev.

October, 2007. Fresh wind of the project Fashion AID: Ukrainian celebrities together with HIV-positive people stepped at the catwalk of UFW. For the first time in Ukrainian fashion history present Miss World 2006 - Tatyana Kucharova - took part at the defile. "HIV/AIDS is not a verdict. Live is going on! And the happiness is real!" - 38 designers claimed and presented wedding collection Love Fashion AID. It symbolized hope that lived in the thousands hearts of HIV-positive people. This collection broke the record of Ukrainian charitable auctions - 535 000 USD were raised during the biddings.  Funds were directed for the reconstruction works of Lavra clinic that is the basis of research activities and treatment of the most difficult HIV/AIDS cases in Ukraine. Intensive therapy unit of the clinic was equipped with the latest technics. Doctors got consumables necessary for equipment' functioning during the year and means of individual protection. But the most serious purchase was device necessary for HIV-positive people immunity status analysis (particularly CD-4 lymphocytes). And it is the first device in Ukraine which represent new generation of labware. Part of the sum was directed for the reconstruction of the Kiev maternity hospital where HIV-positive women stay.

October, 2008. "Everybody in the war against AIDS!" - best Ukrainian designers appeal and on October, 20 demonstrated at the catwalk of Ukrainian Fashion Week (UFW) the third social collection named AIDS Army Fashion in the context of the project Fashion AID dedicated to the fight against AIDS. 32 designers took part in the joint-project of Elena Pinchuk ANTIAIDS Foundation and UFW and created military-style items. Opinion leaders of politic, show-business, TV and sport were mobilized for this social action by ANTIAIDS Foundation. This project is social that's why for its organizes is very important to invite for defile not only professional models but opinion leaders, Olympic champions, celebrities and TV stars. All participants of the project jointed their efforts in spite of the difference in their politic and corporative positions. They are not indifferent to the future of Ukraine and lives of HIV-positive Ukrainians. Their example can draw attention of millions Ukrainians to this problem.

For detailed information, please, contact Pavel Piminov, Communications Director, Elena Pinchuk  ANTIAIDS Foundation on e-mail: [email protected]. Contact phone number: +38 (044) 490 4805.

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