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Therapeutic evenings on the khutor near Dikanki - 2

The therapeutic camp “Return of love”, which was organized by Charity association “Light of hope” and lasted 10 days finished its work in July 25, 2006. Every summer on the bank of the Vorskla River a tent camp grows. Trainings, lectures and self-help groups for HIV-positive, drug addicted people and professionals, working in HIV/AIDS area are carried out in this camp for 6 years. The third year in a row this project gets the support of Elena Pinchuk ANTIAIDS Foundation.
Therapeutic evenings on the khutor near Dikanki - 2 / Elena Pinchuk Foundation

In 2006 “ANTIAID” Foundation financed improvements of “housing conditions” in a camp. There were more new modern tents – all of them were furnished with air beds and blankets. Due to support of foundation supply of food, drinking water and medicines has doubled. The life in a camp becomes more comfortable each year and therapeutic programs become more intensive.   

The main aim of a camp is to improve grounding level and motivation of experts, volunteers of HIV-service organizations and harm reduction programs, and motivation of people who managed to quit narcotics. Comparing to 2005 the number of campers in 2006 increased by 50%, that is 47 participants, they come here from Kiev, Poltava, Krivoy Rog and Nikolaevskiy region.

Oleg Dymaretskiy, manager of the camp program says:”We started 6 years ago having 14 people, 3 tents and food brought from home. This year we have had “sold out notice”! However we are glad to help to more people. We appreciate everyone who supported us. This year we have organized the camp in cooperation with Poltava Regional Center of social service for youth. For 10 days we have carried out three trainings, the therapeutic game on the first five steps of 12 step methodic, lectures on psychology and social work. Self help groups for men and women was running on the permanent basis. Cultural program of our camp life has been full as well: we celebrated birthdays by the campfire, there has been the game “Angel”, the contests “Go-go, girls!”, “Go-go, boys!”, and the theater contest “Visiting the fairytale”. We also played football, volleyball and badminton.”

In 2006 the foundation has expanded support to the therapeutic camps in Ukraine: besides camp in Poltava two more camps in Odessa region – for kids and adults - got the ANTIAIDS’ support.

For detailed information, please, contact Pavel Piminov, Communications Director, Elena Pinchuk ANTIAIDS Foundation on E-mail: [email protected].

Contact phone number: +38 (044) 490 4805.

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