1 June, 2005 09:18

High technologies help to fight HIV/AIDS

The first campaign against AIDS in Ukraine, with applying high level banking technology, was launched on the 11 of August, 2004. The principal aim of joint initiative of PrivatBank and Elena Pinchuk ANTIAIDS Foundation is giving an opportunity to the millions of Ukrainians to take part in funding charitable projects through the largest ATM-machine’s system in Ukraine.
High technologies help to fight HIV/AIDS / Elena Pinchuk Foundation

Today, to each of the 1 536 PrivatBank ATM-machines is added one more push-button – “Charity”. Funds transfer is absolutely free and voluntary issue. The sum of funding is subject of user’s decision. “The PrivatBank doesn’t consider this campaign as profitable, therefore PrivatBank won’t take the commission fees from charitable transfers, – the Chairman of PrivatBank Alexander Dubillet is saying – it is a social project for Privatbank. We would like to attract attention of Ukrainians to the HIV/AIDS issues and to contribute the financial support to the people who really need it”.

Within the framework of this project PrivatBank is raising and transferring funds to the ANTIAIDS Foundation who will be in charge for funds’ distribution to charitable projects on HIV/AIDS. “We consider this joint project as additional opportunity for achieving the main goal of Foundation’s activity - to overcome the epidemic, which kills our people - the Chairman of the Board of the ANTIAIDS Foundation Elena Pinchuk is saying – The way of raising funds, proposed by Privatbank,  would help us lead educational work and protect those, who are at risk”.

The both campaign organizers, ANTIAIDS and Privatbank, announced that this campaign would not be limited in time.


PrivatBank is one of the biggest Ukrainian banks. The national PrivatBank network of banking services includes 1 640 bank subsidiaries and branches throughout whole territory of Ukraine. PrivatBank is presented like the greatest operator in the market of banking retail services. For the 1st of July, 2004 the bank provides services for 7 millions of individual accounts, and the volume of attracting funds from civil population runs up to 5,44 milliards.  PrivatBank is the biggest issuer and credit card acquirer bank in Ukraine. The bank issues currently over 5,4 millions of plastic credit cards. In the credit cards’ network of PrivatBank there are the 1 536 ATM-machines and 13 675 POS-terminals. Until the end of the year, Bank is planning to increase the network of ATM-machines to 2 000 items, opening up opportunities for active bank service use by the inhabitants of any locality of Ukraine.

The charitable organization Elena Pinchuk ANTIAIDS Foundation was established in September of 2003 by Elena Pinchuk for the purpose of combating the HIV/AIDS epidemic, lowering the rate of HIV-transmission  and improving the life’s quality of HIV-infected and living with AIDS people in Ukraine. The principal Foundation’s activity is informational prophylaxis. In July second wave of the national informational campaign “Let’s stop AIDS” was launched. According to expert’s estimations, the first wave of media campaign by its intensity and coverage became the ground for organizing and realizing of social media-campaigns in Ukraine.

For detailed information, please, contact Pavel Piminov, Communications Director, Elena Pinchuk ANTIAIDS Foundation on e-mail: [email protected]Contact phone number: +38 (044) 490 4805.

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