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Facebook fans of the Fashion AID project organized a flash mob in Kiev: dance for safe sex

Last Sunday of summer three dance flash mobs were organized in Kiev - in the shopping centre "Globus", in Khreshchatyk str. and at the Poshtova square. The Facebook fans of the Fashion AID project united by the idea of safe sex and dance initiated this event.
Facebook fans of the Fashion AID project organized a flash mob in Kiev: dance for safe sex / Elena Pinchuk Foundation
Author: Antonina Beleverya | Elena Pinchuk ANTIAIDS Foundation

Surprised passers-by were stopping at astonishment and photographed with their mobile phones dancing crowd that suddenly emerged around them. Each out of more than 100 participant of the spontaneous "dance show" had a T-shirt from the Fashion AID collection. The dance stopped in a while as suddenly as it started and the dancing buddies disappeared in the crowd as nothing happened.

You can watch Flash mob video (from the Noviy Channel broadcast plus alternative video) and fan rehearsals on our YouTube channel.

Facebook fans of the Fashion AID made it happen by addressing to all the dance- and safe sex-lovers: "We live, we dance, we make love!!! We all like to dance and to have fun. And sex is also great especially when it is safe ))). T-shirts by the way are really cool ))). The rest is emotions )))".

Fashion AID promised to reward with presents - Fashion AID branded eco bag - anyone who managed to shoot this event and sent photo or video to: [email protected] by the 1st of September 2010.


Fashion AID is the first site in the Ukrainian Internet where you can not only buy stylish designer's T-shirt devoted to a safe sex, making your contribution to the fight against AIDS, but also make a charitable donation to help HIV positive children. A huge collection of the provocative T-shirts from the short list of Elena Franchuk ANTIAIDS Foundation' contest Naked Street Fashion, devoted to safe sex, is presented at the site www.fashion-aid.in.ua. The funds collected from their sale will be directed for the help projects conducted by the foundation. A new site that became a part of the great Fashion AID project of the ANTIAIDS Foundation gives the opportunity for everybody to join the motto "a good sex is a safe sex" and involves thousands of the young Ukrainians in the charity. Of a special interest for the site visitors will be for sure the works created by the famous Ukrainian artists and designers - Illya Chichkan, Masha Shubina and Svetlana Bevza. The "Podyom" program presenters at the "Noviy Channel" Sergey Prytula, Alexandr Pedan, Olga Freymut and "Fabrika Zirok 3" participants took part in the photo session wearing Fashion AID T-shirts to support the project. The collection won the authority of the cult magazine Elle that awarded the "Elle choice" status to some of T-shirts and designer X'u Marchenko became the creative curator of the project.

The Fashion AID accounts have been already created in the most popular social networks - FacebookVKontakte.

According to Wikipedia a flash mob is a previously planned (via Internet or mobile phones) mass action in which a big group of people suddenly appear in the public place, during some time they perform previously stipulated pointless actions according to the beforehand consistent scenario and then simultaneously disperse. The term flash mob originates from the English words flash - outburst, moment, blink; mob - crowd. So it is translated as a "crowd outburst" or "moment crowd".

The performance is made for the accidental bystanders (fomich) who have mixed feelings: full misunderstanding, interest, and sometimes even the feeling of own madness. By the way the mobbers, creating incomprehensible and absurd situation, behave themselves as if it is normal and natural for them: serious faces, nobody smiles, all are in sound mind, sober and sane.

The first flash mob planned to be conducted on the 3rd of June 2003 in New York, USA, but the previously warned police prevented it. The organizers avoided this problem during the second flash mob that occurred on the 17th of June 2003. The participants came to the preliminary place where they received further instructions about the ultimate event and location just before the event began. Approximately 200 people (according to the other sources of information 150) gathered around an expensive rug at the furniture department of the "Macy's" store and began to say that they lived together in a warehouse on the outskirts of New York, and they were shopping for a "love rug". In a few days the flash mobs appeared through the whole USA and Europe.

The first Russian acts were organized via Live Journal and occurred simultaneously in St. Petersburg and Moscow on the 16th of August 2003. Their participants met the arriving train passengers with the pointless plates. The first Ukrainian mobs took place also on the 16th of August in Dnepropetrovsk and Kiev almost simultaneously. 23 August is a date of the first flash mob in Odessa.

It is the first precedent for Ukraine when a charitable organization creates a technological and innovative tool to influence the youth audience and collect funds for the charitable projects.

History of the project

Naked Street Fashion graphic design contest is the fresh "wind" of the Fashion AID project. Several thousands of works of 617 participants from 11 countries were submitted to the contest. Its participants created prints devoted to the safe sex for T-shirts and underwear. More than 600 works made to the short-list and many of them are presented on the Fashion AID web-site.

Fashion AID is a joint project of Elena Franchuk ANTIAIDS Foundation and Ukrainian Fashion Week which united the best Ukrainian designers to create social collections. Models and HIV-positive people, famous politicians, singers, sportsmen, journalists and other celebrities stepped at the catwalk together to demonstrate their social position. All items from these collections were sold during three charitable auctions and raised record for Ukraine sum - 1 318 260 USD. These funds were directed to open 15 deposit accounts for HIV-positive adopted children; a house and a flat were bought for two families that adopted eight HIV-positive children from the Makeyevka orphanage.

Part of the funds was directed for the reconstruction works of Lavra clinic which is the basis of research activities and treatment of the most difficult HIV/AIDS cases in Ukraine. The Intensive therapy unit was equipped, repair was done, new furniture and the latest equipment for immunity research were bought.

Part of the sum was directed for the reconstruction of the Kiev maternity hospital where HIV-positive women stay. Also five mobile clinics were purchased and equipped to grant thousands of HIV-positive children with regular access to the qualified help of pediatricians and infectiologists in the most affected by the epidemic regions.

For detailed information, please, contact Pavel Piminov, Communications Director, Elena Pinchuk ANTIAIDS Foundation: +380 44 490 4805, [email protected] 

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