10 September, 2004 11:54

Dr. Panatseyko told the passengers of Ukrzaliznytsa about safe summer vacation

What can be better than vacation! Only safe vacation! The vacation you will return from rested and healthy. To tell the travelers how to avoid contracting HIV during summer holidays is the main purpose of the Elena Pinchuk ANTIAIDS Foundation “Safe vacation” project, launched in August, 2004 in partnership with the State Railway Administration Ukrzaliznytsa.
Dr. Panatseyko told the passengers of Ukrzaliznytsa about safe summer vacation / Elena Pinchuk Foundation

Whole August 2004, in the sleeper-cars, the first-class cars and also in the cars of the high speed trains, following the south direction, were distributed posters and booklets informing about the ways of HIV-transmission and prevention hints. The outdoor advertisements (billboards) were placed in Kiev, Dnipropetrovsk and Odessa railway stations. The design of billboards reflects the same of posters, which were distributed in trains. The main purpose of posters’ and billboards’ creating is to attract passengers’ attention to this project, to tell them where and how they could obtain more information about HIV/AIDS. The booklets contain information about: “What is HIV/AIDS?” and “How we could protect ourselves and our relatives during summer vacation?”.

The specially created for this project animated hero of the three cartoons – doctor Panatseyko – in the compartments with video-equipments of the first-class cars and the cars of high speed trains was talking about safe summer vacation.  The principal hero of this mini-serial covers with humor and without moral teaching the ways of protection and what we need to know for healthy return from summer vacation.

The whole project’s communication strategy was accompanied by the hot-line telephone: 8 800 500 45 10, which works due to the cooperation of SAAPF, International Alliance on HIV/AIDS and Elena Pinchuk ANTIAIDS Foundation.

The main goal of this project, ANTIAIDS Foundation strived to achieve, - is to tell travelers how they could protect themselves from contracting HIV during summer period. Ukrzalyznitsa was determined as the principal partner based on their core competence: direct contact with target audience. It’s worthy to mention that intensity of the railway transferring during summer vacation grows up to the 6 millions of passengers.

After it’s “life on the wheels”, the project was hosted at the specially-created Internet-page panatseyko.antiaids.org, there all informational materials, created in frame of this project could be found.

For detailed information, please, contact Pavel Piminov, Communications Director, Elena Pinchuk ANTIAIDS Foundation on e-mail: [email protected]Contact phone number: +38 (044) 490 4805.


Saatchi&Saatchi Ukraine | Фонд Елены Пинчук «АНТИСПИД»

Saatchi&Saatchi Ukraine | Фонд Елены Пинчук «АНТИСПИД»

Saatchi&Saatchi Ukraine | Фонд Елены Пинчук «АНТИСПИД»
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