24 December, 2004 17:43

HIV-positive kids received a tonne of New Year gifts from 4 thousands Santa Clauses

Everybody loves to get presents for New Year. But for the kids, who spend a major part of their lives in the hospitals, who take pills in a tight schedule, the biggest miracle is attention from those, who care. That is why, Elena Pinchuk ANTIAIDS Foundation together with All-Ukrainian Network of PLWH arranged New Year party and prepared presents for HIV-positive kids last Friday. A year ago this event took place in Kiev for 45 kids and their parents. This year, on 24th of December, presents and the party was arranged for 211 kids in 5 big cities of Ukraine. The part of funds for the event was incurred owing to the project of donation via PrivatBank ATM machines launched in August, 2004.
HIV-positive kids received a tonne of New Year gifts from 4 thousands Santa Clauses / Elena Pinchuk Foundation

On 24th of December in Kiev, Odessa, Donetsk, Cherkassy and Chernigov New Year event for kids took place, where 211 HIV-positive children (some of them, hopefully will not inherit HIV diagnosis from their parents) received the presents. The event took place thanks to the support of “Mc’Donalds” network. Every child was presented with a gift that includes corn flakes START or muesli AXA, apple and multifruits juices, dried fruits, variety of nuts, New Year sweets box and toys that were personally chosen for every kid. For those, who is older than 4 was offered “Immunovit C” drug, presented by pharmaceutical company “GlaxoSmithKlein”. The total weight of the presents, granted to the kids and their parents, is more than 1 tonne.

This project is conducted on the funds raises by Elena Pinchuk ANTIAIDS Foundation. Partly money was received from more than 4 000 PrivatBank clients, each of them have transferred for that aims from several coins to hundreds hrivnas. This project of donation collection via ATM machines network of PrivatBank was launched in August 2004. We want to thank people who make it possible to arrange the holiday. Each coin, transferred by them, was spent for kids’ needs.

This project is vital not only for kids who got New Year presents and congratulations they were waiting for. It’s very important for thousands of HIV positive people in Ukraine to feel secure as well as to know that they are supported and understood. It’s very important for those people, whose donations brought so many joy and happiness.

For all of them, common phrase “Let’s stop AIDS” turned to children names, written with markers at white boxes full of presents...

The Charitable ANTIAIDS Foundation was set up in September 2003 by Elena Pinchuk for combating HIV/AIDS epidemic, reducing its escalation and support people living with HIV/AIDS by improving their living quality. The Foundation activity targets are the informational prophylaxis, improving lives of HIV/AIDS positive people as well as adjusting of the international collaboration, aimed at assisting Ukraine in preventing escalation of HIV/AIDS epidemic.

All-Ukrainian network of people living with HIV/AIDS is a charitable organization that joins both HIV-positive and HIV-negative people of Ukraine. The All-Ukrainian Network has representatives in 17 regions of Ukraine and reckons more than 250 members. This organization is found by HIV-positive people to support each other, protect their interests and human rights, to advocate antivirus therapy and diagnostics, to enhance HIV+ people lives level, to form tolerant population attitude towards people living with HIV/AIDS, to draw the attention of mass media and the government to the HIV/AIDS problems.

PrivatBank is one of the biggest Ukrainian banks. The national PrivatBank network of banking services includes 1 640 bank subsidiaries and branches throughout whole territory of Ukraine. PrivatBank is presented like the greatest operator in the market of banking retail services. For the 1st of July, 2004 the bank provides services for 7 millions of individual accounts, and the volume of attracting funds from civil population runs up to 5,44 milliards. PrivatBank is the biggest issuer and credit card acquirer bank in Ukraine. The bank issues currently over 5,4 millions of plastic credit cards. In the credit cards’ network of PrivatBank there are the 1 536 ATM-machines and 13 675 POS-terminals. Until the end of the year, Bank is planning to increase the network of ATM-machines to 2 000 items, opening up opportunities for active bank service use by the inhabitants of any locality of Ukraine. 

For detailed information, please, contact Pavel Piminov, Communications Director, Elena Pinchuk ANTIAIDS Foundation on e-mail: [email protected]Contact phone number: +38 (044) 490 4805.

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