24 March, 2006 19:57

Consultations of German highly qualified specialists are becoming available in Ukraine

Elena Pinchuk ANTIAIDS Foundation announces the possibility for physicians to receive qualified consultation of German colleagues on HIV/AIDS treatment issues. If you have difficult or problem cases of ARV-therapy prescription, you can describe them according to the proposed form and submit it to the following address: [email protected] . Deadline is April, 6, 2006. All cases received will be transferred to the consultation, which will take place in Berlin in April 11, 2006.
Consultations of German highly qualified specialists are becoming available in Ukraine / Elena Pinchuk Foundation

General project info. Medical history discussions of patients with HIV/AIDS (clinical analysis of complicated cases with German colleagues – consultation).

Chair – Prof. Jurgen Rockstroh (Bonn), one of coauthors of professional edition on HIV–infection (translated into Russian, you can find it on a webpage of The EurasiaHealth AIDS Knowledge Network – EAKN).

Approximate topics for clinical analysis:

  • Problems with ART prescription for particular patient.
  • Problems after  ART prescription.
  • Diagnostic problem of opportunist infections/ co-infections.
  • Patients with co-infection (tuberculosis, virus hepatitis).

You can also propose for discussion another topic on diagnostics and HIV treatment, you are interested in.

Approximate format (not more than 1 page of A4):

  1. Physician’ name (who submit the case)/contact information). Please, indicate your academic degree, name, country, city, the name of medical institution and address, we can send you recommendation of consulting group.
  2. Patient, age, sex.
  3. Patient’s complaints.
  4. Anamnesis.
  5. Preliminary diagnosis.
  6. Laboratory indexes concerned the case.
  7. Treatment (at the present time and previous).
  8. Difficulties with diagnostics, treatment, result interpretation, treatment results, need of treatment change, or conduct tactics…

Further, such consultations are being planned to provide online through specialized website of ANTIAIDS Foundation.

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