4 December, 2023 10:03

The RECOVERY. Sexual life military program has been launched in Ukraine

The Olena Pinchuk Foundation, together with the national network of rehabilitation centers RECOVERY, has launched a training program for psychologists who work with wounded Ukrainian veterans to rehabilitate them and help them restore their sexual and personal lives.
The RECOVERY. Sexual life military program has been launched in Ukraine / Elena Pinchuk Foundation

The RECOVERY project, founded by Olena and Viktor Pinchuk, provides for the development of the rehabilitation industry, in particular, the professional community. That is why the project regularly offers center specialists programs to acquire new knowledge. Thus, doctors have the opportunity to exchange experience with colleagues, study advanced protocols and innovative methods of rehabilitation.

"As part of the project, we create opportunities for psychologists to help restore the sexual life of wounded veterans. International experts will share their unique knowledge, and Ukrainian specialists will gain practical skills for working with this important topic. Sexual life is an important component of a full-fledged human life. And we want the soldiers to feel fully restored after being wounded. I hope that with the help of this project, we will return our heroes not only to an active social life, but also to a personal one," said Olena Pinchuk.

The superstar of the project was Catherine Ellis, an American psychotherapist, writer, author of Sex and Intimacy for Wounded Veterans: A Guide to Embracing Change.

"Sexual health of veterans is a topic of rehabilitation that remains neglected, but it is very important for Ukrainian soldiers and their loved ones. The creation of specialized courses for professionals who work with the Ukrainian military is of primary importance for their full recovery and restoration of quality of life. Specialized training is based on the best methods and best practices of training healthcare providers. The training emphasizes the dedication of Olena Pinchuk and the listeners to support the Ukrainian military and breaks the taboo of silence around sexual health and recovery," said psychotherapist Catherine Alice.

Within the framework of the program, leading trainers from Great Britain, the USA, Israel and Ukraine train Ukrainian specialists who work in RECOVERY centers. Among the experts: Matt Fossey (Great Britain), Thomas Keirsey (Great Britain), Hilary Ingward (Great Britain), Ronit Aloni (Israel), Rafi Heruti (Israel), Svyatoslava Fedorets (Ukraine), Yulia Yaroshenko (Ukraine).

What specialists of RECOVERY centers will receive:
- understanding the specifics of working with the topic of sexuality and intimate relationships during the war and those who suffered as a result of hostilities, persons with disabilities;
- examples of interventions in work with different types of disabilities;
- skills and ability to work with one's own stereotypes and beliefs on the topic of sexuality;
- exercises, techniques, materials for working with people with disabilities (especially with military personnel);
- participation in the discussion of nuances during a panel discussion with representatives of the CASEVAC group.

Education is one of the priorities of the RECOVERY project. As part of educational activities, the project pays special attention to the psychological aspects of the interaction of doctors with military personnel and members of their families — to make sure that the time spent in the rehabilitation center is useful not only physically, but also psychologically. To date, 300 doctors have already taken part in various events aimed at improving their qualifications.

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