10 May, 2018 01:30

"Sexual Education" is now available online for free through the Elena Pinchuk Foundation and Prometheus Foundation.

The first free online sexual education course in Ukraine "Sexual Education", is a convenient, interactive tool that gives teens the answers to the most common questions about sex, dissociates established myths, and helps parents start conversation about sex with children.
"Sexual Education" is now available online for free through the Elena Pinchuk Foundation and Prometheus Foundation. / Elena Pinchuk Foundation

Course link: https://courses.prometheus.org.ua/courses/course-v1:EPF+SEXED101+2018_T2/about.

Course format consists of video lectures, online test and forum where you can anonymously ask questions to the Foundation's specialists. Well-known specialists in the field of medicine and psychology were involved in creation of the course. Popular TV anchors and opinion leaders took part in the recording of the video collection.

The lecturers of this course are TV anchors Vyacheslav Solomka, Karolina Ashion and Uliana Pcholkina, Editor-in-chief XXL Magazine Dmytro Maksyutenko, actress Karyna Gavrylyuk, psychologist Viktoria Lyubarevych-Torkhova, physician Tetyana Shevchuk and psychotherapist Olga Semenova, coach-consultant Valentyn Bobruiko, activists Yana Panfilova and Danya Stolbunov, Director of the Elena Pinchuk Foundation Olga Rudneva.

The course is designed primarily for teenagers who are just beginning to be curious about their own sexuality and discover new sexual practices for themselves. Therefore, the information included in this course is as easy as possible to digest, and at the same time, it is based on the expertise of specialists in the field of medicine, psychology and sexual education. Everyone who has taken the course and answered the test questions will receive a certificate.

Also, the course will be useful for parents and teachers who intend to establish trustworthy relationship with the children. Parents can take "Sexual Education" course with their children as the beginning of the conversation about sex.

The course was created in partnership with the Elena Pinchuk Foundation and the online platform Prometheus. The Foundation has many years of experience working with young people and their parents in prevention of HIV/AIDS, promoting healthy lifestyles and safe sex. Prometheus is the largest platform in Ukraine that publishes free online courses and provides free access to all of them for public.

All interested can spread out information about this online course among Ukrainian teens to improve their access to sexual education. To do this, you need to create a post with the hashtag #доросларозмова and talk about your own experience of discussing sex with children (or vice versa – with your parents) and express your thoughts on why sex education is really important for youth.

For the Elena Pinchuk Foundation, "Sexual Education" has become a new project in a series of educational initiatives aimed at developing safe sexual behavior of young people. Since 2003, the Foundation has been conducting numerous informational campaigns on safe sex on national TV channels, implementing special partnership projects during public events and youth festivals, conducting creative competitions and promotions, and using online tools to promote safe sexual practices among teens.

About the project

Students of the "Sexual Education" course will learn: what is sex; what is sexuality, sexual orientation and identity; when is the best time and moment to start one’s sex life; what are the risks of unprotected sex; what is HIV/AIDS; what are the contraceptives; how to properly and easily pick out and use a condom; what a girl is made of; with whom and how to talk about sex; how real sex is different from pornography; how to take care of your own safety; what kind of sex will exist in the future.

Sex is an important part of human life. But within the educational process, the subject of sex is not discussed neither at school nor in the university. For the most part, people are ashamed of those conversations in the family as well. In the absence of qualitative sexual education, instead of learning the rules of the safe sex and healthy perception of their sexuality, adolescents are forced to look for crumbs of information from the stories of their peers, dubious Internet sources or porno sites that have little to do with the real life.

The course examines not only the physiological and emotional aspects of sex – a lot of attention is paid to practical issues of safety, interactions with peers and parents. In addition to basic knowledge and skills, the authors reveal the most up-to-date topics that are dictated by the present and even the future. They suggest not only to study their bodies and listen to their own desires and needs, but also to learn how to respond adequately to the variety of views and preferences of others.

Course lectures

Sex. When is it too early and when is it too late.
Lecturer: Viktoriya Lyubarevych-Torokhova, psychologist of cognitive development, KBT psychotherapy for children and adults.

What is sex?
Lecturer: Vyacheslav Solomka, TV anchor.

Safety and consent in sex.
Lecturer: Karolina Ashion, TV anchor.

All you need to know about condoms and contraception.
Lecturer: Valentyn Bobruyko, coach-consultant of the ANTIAIDS Foundation in Ukraine.

HIV/AIDS. Truth and myths.
Lecturers: Yana Panfilova and Danya Stolbunov, activists, co-founders of the youth organization Teenergizer.

Porn: myths and reality.
Lecturer: Dmytro Maksyutenko, Editor-in-chief XXL Magazine.

Sex from another planet.
Lecturer: Olga Semenova, psychotherapist.

What a girl is made of.
Lecturer: Tetyana Shevchuk, Ph.D. in medical sciences, gynecologist of the highest category.

Sex from the future.
Lecturer: Olga Rudneva, Director of the Olena Pinchuk Foundation.

How, with whom and when to talk about sex.
Lecturer: Karyna Gavrylyuk, actress from the TV show "Kyiv day and night".

Do physically challenged people have sex.
Lecturer: Uliana Pcholkina, TV anchor, activist.




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