20 June, 2023 07:01

Olena Pinchuk visited the innovative Kyiv Rehabilitation Centre of the RECOVERY network

The RECOVERY project is implemented by spouses Olena and Victor Pinchuk. And it is the largest and most powerful rehabilitation centre for wounded soldiers in Ukraine
Olena Pinchuk visited the innovative Kyiv Rehabilitation Centre of the RECOVERY network / Elena Pinchuk Foundation

The Kyiv RECOVERY Centre, located in a state medical institution, was created from scratch. This made it possible to equip it in accordance with the highest world standards of inclusiveness of premises - with wide corridors and doorways, sanitary and hygienic areas for patients with limited mobility. In addition, the centre is equipped with modern innovative equipment that covers the full range of functional disorders of patients, including those caused by mine-blast injuries, and allows restored gait, lost functions of the upper and lower extremities at a high technological level.

"I feel pain and a lot of gratitude to these incredible guys. I am proud and admired by them, just as the whole world admires them. I really want them to return to a full life as soon as possible. Victor and I will expand the network of such centres, and this is very, very important for us," Olena Pinchuk said after talking with the military.

In Ukraine, there are already 6 such rehabilitation centres of the national RECOVERY network operating in Vinnytsia, Kyiv, two in Dnipropetrovsk region and two in Odesa. Soon, all 12 RECOVERY centres will work throughout Ukraine, which will enable the military from different regions to undergo high-quality and free rehabilitation closer to home, close to their relatives.

The team of doctors of the rehabilitation centre RECOVERY conducts an individual analysis of each patient and develops a personalized rehabilitation plan. All in order to restore the quality of life of the wounded, taking into account their characteristics. In addition, as part of the RECOVERY project, doctors of the centres undergo educational trainings, courses, and seminars to ensure the highest medical standards of rehabilitation care.


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