13 April, 2023 13:58

Olena Pinchuk Foundation presents a limited charity collection of accessories with the famous British brand Aspinal of London

Olena Pinchuk Foundation, together with the British brand Aspinal of London, presented a collection of silk scarves and leather key chains, which will be sold in Great Britain and Ukraine.
Olena Pinchuk Foundation presents a limited charity collection of accessories with the famous British brand Aspinal of London / Elena Pinchuk Foundation

“The Olena Pinchuk Foundation has done so much to raise awareness of HIV and AIDS in Ukraine. The support that they have provided for women and children is invaluable and their work is even more vital now as the country is torn apart by war. It is our hope that this initiative will encourage others to become involved in relief efforts and support the Ukrainian people during this challenging period.” – Mariya Dykalo, Aspinal of London

Supporting charitable causes has always been at the core of Aspinal of London’s values, and the brand seeks new charities each year to champion. In 2003, Olena Pinchuk established the first privately funded charitable organisation in Ukraine to fight against AIDS. Over the past 20 years, the Foundation has expanded its scope to include a range of initiatives, such as AIDS prevention and sexual education, mentorship and educational programs to assist young women in achieving professional fulfilment and financial independence. The Foundation has proudly been at the vanguard of introducing recognised international humanitarian efforts into Ukraine and shedding light on the previously unnoticed plight of HIV and AIDS sufferers, creating healthcare assistance and long-term support for those who had previously been marginalised.

One of the Foundation’s key initiatives and one for which it is most recognised, is the “Mobile Clinics for HIV-positive Children” project. This project allows the doctors, nurses and volunteers to offer qualified and regular and most importantly, consistent medical assistance to children who are HIV- positive or born to HIV-positive mothers, who otherwise might not receive care. The Foundation provides the transportation and medical supplies to allow doctors and social workers to access the most remote and severely affected regions of Ukraine affected by the HIV/AIDS epidemic. Funds raised by the Foundation establish and maintain these invaluable mobile clinics which are essential to monitor and safeguard the health of HIV-positive women and children, one of the most vulnerable groups in Ukraine. With the war engulfing Ukraine, the work of these mobile units is now even more vital due to the number of children displaced and transport links affected.

The Olena Pinchuk Foundation has collaborated with a number of high-profile organisations and events to raise funds for their on-going projects, notably the Clinton Foundation and Elton John AIDS Foundation and has partnered with Sir Elton John and Queen on international charity concerts. Connected by their mutual charity efforts, Mariya Dykalo and Olena Pinchuk have worked together on a charity partnership for 2023 between Aspinal of London and the Olena Pinchuk Foundation. As a devoted supporter of Ukrainian relief efforts, Mariya Dykalo has been working on multiple projects for the past year, noticeably her Sunflowers

Series of oils on canvas which have been donated to charity. For the Olena Pinchuk Foundation, Dykalo has designed a limited-edition collection of Aspinal of London accessories to benefit Ukrainian children. All proceeds from this exclusive collection will go towards supporting the “Mobile Clinics for HIV-positive children” project.
“Mobile clinics for HIV-positive children” is one of the most efficient and sustainable Foundation projects. Since 2009 we have delivered qualified medical care to thousands of kids who live in the most remote areas of Ukraine. With the beginning of the full-scale war, HIV/AIDS the landscape has shifted. As never before we need to control the health condition of our little patients, many internally displaced. We are delighted to be able to partner with Aspinal of London to support our project with a stunning collection inspired by Ukrainian symbols of prosperity. This remarkable partnership can bring signif icant change in the lives of HIV-positive kids” – Olena Pinchuk, Founder, The Olena Pinchuk Foundation

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