15 June, 2007 23:10

Elena Pinchuk and David Furnish met with Ukrainians living with HIV/AIDS

David Furnish, the Head of Elton John AIDS Foundation, and Elena Pinchuk, ANTIAIDS founder, dedicated Saturday morning June, 16 to learning about HIV/AIDS epidemic in Ukraine. They were accompanied with both foundations’ specialists. On Saturday morning delegations visited Kiev Infectious Hospital, located on Kiev Pechersk Lavra territory, where they met patients living with HIV/AIDS and doctors. Foundations’ leaders were interested in detailed information about medical service, pharmacy aspects of treatment, real life stories and patients’ opinion about medical service and community’ attitude towards HIV-positive people.
Elena Pinchuk and David Furnish met with Ukrainians living with HIV/AIDS / Elena Pinchuk Foundation

Later foundations’ leaders visited “Berizka” orphanage - the only home for HIV-positive orphans. Elena Pinchuk and David Furnish, and specialists of British and Ukrainian foundations spent time with children and pedagogic staff. They also visited one of HIV-positive families in Kiev.

“It’s very important for the British specialists to understand the situation with HIV/AIDS spreading in Ukraine, - David Furnish said. – It’s important to understand the problem through details and feelings of people suffering from this terrible disease, but not through statistic. We need it, first of all, to determine the most effective means of fight against AIDS and help those in need. I strongly believe the join efforts of our Foundation and Elena Pinchuk ANTIAIDS Foundation will help to find new families for these children and adapt them for society”.

In Elena Pinchuk’ opinion “attracting international experience is vital as HIV/AIDS epidemic in Ukraine caused mainly because of absence of experience and knowledge. Our joint work will allow EJAF to expand their activities in Ukraine. And it’s very positive moment as Sir Elton Foundation is one of the biggest AIDS organizations in the world. This Foundation accumulated huge experience in the field of help to HIV-positive children”.

Elena Pinchuk ANTIAIDS Foundation and Elton John AIDS Foundation’ joint project will be realized in the context of the new program “On The Edge”. Elena Pinchuk Foundation pledged $2, 5 million grant for the 5 year program aimed at helping children involved in HIV/AIDS epidemic. The main goal is to adapt HIV-positive children in the society. The project intended to help them to live with their status the complete life. From the other hand, it teaches community to accept such children as the full members of the society. The project objected to find foster families for all children that became victims of HIV/AIDS epidemic.

For detailed information, please, contact Olga Rudneva, Executive Director, Elena Pinchuk ANTIAIDS Foundation on E-mail:[email protected]. Contact phone number: +38 (044) 490 4805.

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