8 August, 2023 10:12

Direct help to people living with HIV/AIDS

People living with HIV/AIDS very often face the problem of life and death: the required treatment and some tests are usually unavailable for them. In this case the Foundation makes the decision to support these people. Most people living with HIV/AIDS unable to pay for treatment and support the health at their own account. Certainly, the government supports these people but mostly the support of the Foundation was a single hope for people applied for help to Elena Pinchuk as the founder of ANTIAIDS Foundation. For many people, who turned for our help, life is continuing. Some of them got back to work; kids are back to school; mothers are with their families again. We can not tell their names due to clear reasons, but we're happy to strengthen their health, prolong their lives and to know them better…
Direct help to people living with HIV/AIDS / Elena Pinchuk Foundation

In 2015 Foundation supported 204 patients for the total sum of 759 081,93 UAH.

In 2014 Foundation supported 144 patients for the total sum of 25 936 USD.

In 2013 Foundation supported 245 patients for the total sum of 48 528 USD.

In 2012 Foundation supported 263 patients for the total sum of 75 880 USD.

In 2011 Foundation supported 240 patients for the total sum of 49 150 USD.

In 2010 Foundation supported 261 patients for the total sum 36 930 USD.

In 2009 Foundation supported 216 patients for the total sum 35 733 USD.

In 2008, Foundation supported 165 patients for the total sum 27 317 USD.

In 2007 Foundation supported 158 patients for the total sum 25 225 USD.

In 2006 Foundation supported 249 patients for the total sum 23 886 USD.

In 2005 Foundation covered costs of opportunistic infection treatment, laboratory research and milk substitution formula for 128 people for the total sum 23 242 USD.

In 2004, the Foundation supported 8 people who applied for help by supplying them with required treatment and paying for laboratory tests.

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