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Образовательные материалы / Elena Pinchuk Foundation
20 December, 2018 13:46
The menstrual cycle guide Solomia.Today, together with the Elena Pinchuk Foundation project “I Can!”, launched a telegram-bot for teenagers Solomia Teen. With the help of this bot, teenagers will gain knowledge not only about what happens to their body during the menstrual cycle, but also about sex, relationships, bulling, gender identity, about their rights and ways to protect themselves. Sex, teenagers, Telegram: Solomia.Teen – educational bot for teenagers
Образовательные материалы / Elena Pinchuk Foundation
10 May, 2018 01:30
The first free online sexual education course in Ukraine "Sexual Education", is a convenient, interactive tool that gives teens the answers to the most common questions about sex, dissociates established myths, and helps parents start conversation about sex with children.
12 April, 2016 19:11
"HIV is a death sentence."