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История сотрудничества Фонда Елены Пинчук «АНТИСПИД» с Фондом Клинтона, который возглавляет 42-ой Президент США Билл Клинтон, насчитывает более десяти лет.
3 million dollars for the fight against AIDS is the result of the most successful charitable auction in the Ukraine!
4 October, 2010 18:03
On October 3rd a charity dinner was held in honour of the 42nd President of the USA William Jefferson Clinton. The dinner was organized by Elena Pinchuk ANTIAIDS Foundation; special guest President Clinton was personally invited by Victor and Elena Pinchuk to the Ukraine to attend this event.
Joint projects / Elena Pinchuk Foundation

As a result of the ANTIAIDS charity auction, 3 million dollars were raised - the largest amount ever raised for charity in the Ukraine. This was not the only record broken that evening, as the auction also saw the second most expensive lot sold in the Ukraine's auction history.

The work ‘In Love' by exceptionally talented contemporary artist Damien Hirst, was sold for 2.4 million USD. There were also unexpected lots donated by Wladimir Klitschko as well as by the guest of honour himself, President Clinton. All proceeds of the auction will be donated to the Elena Pinchuk ANTIAIDS Foundation for an extended collaborative project with the Clinton HIV/AIDS Initiative (CHAI).

President Clinton opened the dinner with a speech devoted to the importance of the fight against the AIDS epidemic; he placed great emphasis on the strength of individuals involved and the progress made so far thanks to them. Hosts Victor and Elena Pinchuk also gave special thanks to all the guests present for their support and generosity.

"Together with the current humanitarian leader, President Clinton - we've been running a joint project in the Ukraine for several years. During this time we have determined the areas that need to be prioritized. It is rapid testing that gives us the chance to break the chain of virus transmission and stop the epidemic. That's why we've placed focus of this charitable auction on improving access to rapid testing throughout the Ukraine."

The main lot of the auction was the heart shaped painting "In Love", by artist Damien Hirst. The painting is coated in yellow household gloss and is encrusted with cubic zirconium and butterflies. As one of the world's most successful living artists, Mr Hirst's contribution to the charity auction made a huge impact on the end result. The painting was sold for almost 2.5 million USD. This was 17.5 times the original bidding price of the lot.

One of the unexpected lots donated for the charity auction were exclusive tickets to the fight between Vitaliy Klitchko and Shannon Briggs taking place on 16th October, which were kindly donated by Vitaliy's brother Wladimir Klitchko. The other generously donated lot was lunch with guest of honour President Clinton. Together these two lots sold for more that 300 000 USD.

An exclusive lot was also donated by designer fashion label Pucci. The donated dress, the only one of its kind, was from Pucci's latest collection shown on the 25th of September in Milan by Laudomia Pucci, daughter of the legendary designer. The dress was sold for 102 000 USD.

The auction began with a lot donated by luxury Jewelry specialists Van Cleef and Arpels. The item up for auction was Secret Dentelle, a uniquely designed gold watch. The item was sold for 75 000 USD.

Each guest that attended the dinner also made a donation toward the project aimed at improving access to rapid testing in the Ukraine - raising an additional 220 000 USD for the charity.

Bill Clinton and Elena Pinchuk called off Ukrainians to the fight against AIDS
3 October, 2010 18:08
On October, 3 Bill Clinton – the 42nd President of the USA and the current humanitarian leader visited Kiev on invitation of Elena Pinchuk ANTIAIDS Foundation. He delivered a speech devoted to the fight against AIDS at Mykhailivska square in frames of the "Battle for the Future" event. He was supported by the famous Ukrainian celebrities – Ani Lorak, Irina Bilyk, Aleksandr Ponomaryov, Jamala, Tina Karol, Natalya Mogilevskaya and "Star Factory - 3" participants. This event was live broadcasted by the Novy Channel.
Joint projects / Elena Pinchuk Foundation

10 years later at the same square President Clinton addressed Ukrainians again. This time he visited Ukraine as a current humanitarian leader to draw attention to the AIDS problem which causes millions of deaths worldwide. Ukraine keeps its sad leadership in Eastern Europe as a country with highest number of new HIV/AIDS cases.

Clinton Foundation has been already partnering with Elena Pinchuk ANTIAIDS Foundation for many years. Starting in 2006 a joint project of two foundations has been working in Dnepropetrovsk region. Elena Pinchuk ANTIAIDS Foundation pledged US 2,5 million to support 5 year project. Significant results are reached during four years: substitution therapy for injecting drug users has been launched; training and mentoring for specialists on laboratory diagnostics and treatment of HIV/AIDS is introduced and the most important – the first research program on rapid tests in Ukraine has been started. This program permits HIV testing without complex laboratory equipment in the most remote areas.

Президент Клинтон в Киеве говорит о борьбе со СПИДом (2010)

"Ukraine faced real problem because people didn't want to be tested and about a half of those who had taken a test and were tested positive never returned to find out their own result. And now you come, get tested and receive your result within a minutes. I took a test almost twenty years ago to set an example. It is a crime in the twenty-first century for a young person to die because of AIDS! But you should have a desire to be tested, you should take care of your health. I work a lot with Bill Gates and his foundation on developing vaccine to cure AIDS. But vaccine is still under development. All we have now – is prevention and treatment. And all this begins with a simple test," said President Clinton taking the floor at Mykhailivska Sq.

To set an example Star Factory – 3 participants took HIV test in live air.

The "Battle for the Future" was composed as 90 minutes show where celebrities, singers and audience actively interacted. They sang karaoke version of the "Save the love" song, devoted to the fight against AIDS together with the "Star factory - 3", joined the dance flash mob organized by Facebook fans of the Fashion AID project, met celebrities in the crowd. All the dancers wore T-shirts with the safe sex prints that can be ordered at the site.

"I took a test almost twenty years ago to set an example", – President Clinton, Kiev, October 3, 2010

During the whole event dozens of volunteers-students of the National Medical Academy worked at the square. They talked with audience about HIV/AIDS, testing and safe sex, gave out the leaflets HIV/AIDS information and condoms in special social packaging.

The Joint project of the Clinton Foundation and the Elena Pinchuk ANTIAIDS Foundation

Dnepropetrovsk region was selected as a pilot region for this project due to the fact that Dnipropetrovsk had the highest rates of HIV/AIDS and drug addiction spread in Ukraine in 2006. As of January 2010 there were 27 407 HIV cases registered. More than a half of all HIV cases caused by injection drug use.

The substitution therapy is a treatment during which the patients suffering from opioid drug addiction instead of illegal drugs receive substitute medicine, e.g. methadone, under the doctor's control. Substitution therapy is taken orally. It restrains parallel use of other opiates and leads to long-term physical, psychological and social stability. Amongst the social benefits are crime decrease and decriminalization of drug users. Substitution therapy' clients stay in regular contact with medical authorities and subject to further prevention. In addition, the risk of infectious disease spread including HIV is decreased. According to WHO, substitution therapy allows to reduce the risk of HIV transmission.

The program aimed to simplify and speed up HIV testing is very important for Ukraine, as only one out of four HIV-positive Ukrainians knows his or her status

The substitution therapy program for injecting drug users started in Dnepropetrovsk region in July 2008. Starting from December 2008, 302 patients (178 of them are HIV-positive) receive the methadone in healthcare facilities of the region. All program' clients also have an access to infectious disease diagnostic and treatment services, social workers assistance.

The program aimed to simplify and speed up HIV testing is very important for Ukraine, as only one out of four HIV-positive Ukrainians knows his or her status. The Clinton Foundation developed and launched study that demonstrated efficiency of the use of two rapid tests of different producers. Due to that, the most vulnerable groups – IDUs and FSWs – improved their access to testing. Rapid tests delver unique solutions to small and remote areas where patients quite often have to wait more than a month to get test results. Very soon, specialists will be able to test and determine diagnostic and treatment approach based on rapid test results that can be known in 1-20 minutes, depending on test producer.

The algorithm of two rapid tests is available in twelve health facilities of the region, including TB hospitals, STI diseases dispensaries that make this service more available for the most at risk group representatives. According to present data, in September 2010 more than 9200 people were tested with rapid tests,16% out of all, tested HIV-positive.

To provide better quality treatment for HIV-positive people in Dnepropetrovsk region, the Clinton Foundation involves international experts and introduces trainings and mentorship program for specialists in the area of laboratory diagnostics, HIV/AIDS treatment and drug addiction. More than 350 specialists from all over Ukraine have already participated in the program.

The history of the project

On September, 15 2004 the Memorandum of understanding with Clinton HIV/AIDS Initiative and Ukrainian Government was signed under assistance of the Elena Pinchuk ANTIAIDS Foundation. The Minister of Health of Ukraine on behalf of the government signed the addendum to this Memorandum in November 2005. According to these documents Ukraine became the member of Consortium of the countries purchasing ARV-treatments at special prices. The Foundation provides technical assistance for the Ukrainian government in the area of substitution therapy, development of the training program for HIV/AIDS treatment specialists, HIV testing.

In September 18, 2006 in New York, the agreement of cooperation was signed between President Clinton, Elena and Victor Pinchuk. The Elena Pinchuk ANTIAIDS Foundation and the Victor Pinchuk Foundation pledged US 2.5 million to support Ukrainian project. The Clinton Foundation provides development and implementation of the project on universal access for HIV/AIDS treatment and supply specialists on its implementation in Ukraine.

HIV/AIDS in Ukraine

According to the international experts estimation, 350,000 people (1.3 % of the country population aged 15-49) live with HIV/AIDS in Ukraine. According to the Ukrainian Center for Prevention and Control of AIDS 58% among all HIV cases registered since 1987 are caused by injection drug use.

Substitution therapy is one of the most effective kinds of pharmacological treatment of opioid dependence and HIV/AIDS prevention

The substitution therapy program using buprenorphine has been introduced in 2004 in Ukraine, using methadone - since 2008. As of September 1, 2010 836 patients receive buprenorphine treatment, 4816 – methadone treatment under support of the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria in 120 medical institutions located in all regions of Ukraine.

According to the World Health Organization, United Nations agency on HIV/AIDS and the UN Office on Drugs and Crime the substitution therapy is one of the most effective kinds of pharmacological treatment of opioid dependence and HIV/AIDS prevention. The results of more than 100 researches performed in the different countries contain convincing data that this therapy leads to reduction of illegal drug use, decline of risk behavior, decrease in overdose and improve health, reduce criminal activity, improve lives and return to employment.

The substitution therapy with the help of methadone and buprenorphine is implemented in 59 countries of the world. 875 000 patients in the world received methadone treatment in 2005.

Starting from 2002 Health Access Initiative (project of the Clinton Foundation) renders assistance to the countries in introduction large-scale programs of integrated care, treatment and prevention. The initiative closely cooperates with 22 countries of Asia, Eastern Europe, Africa, Caribbean and Latin America aimed at building the health system and supplying HIV/AIDS treatment by the means of providing the governments with technical assistance, mobilization of human and financial resources, supporting the spread of the best practices among the national projects. For example, in the frames of pediatric and rural programs the Foundation provides care and treatment of the population for whom these services are not affordable. The Foundation also reached an agreement of lowering prices for treatment and diagnostic systems, which have become now available in more than 70 world countries where more than 90% of population live with HIV/AIDS. Nowadays 1,4 million people receive the ARV-treatment purchased in the frames of the agreements reached by the Foundation. You can get detailed information at

The ANTIAIDS Foundation was founded by Elena Pinchuk in 2003. This is the first and sole charitable organization committed to fighting against AIDS in Ukraine operating on private donations. The Elena Pinchuk Foundation aims to realize its activities at all social levels – from national programs to direct support to the people affected by AIDS epidemic. Among Foundation' programs are national media campaigns, large – scale actions with the world wide known celebrities, fundraising for the concrete projects, work with the opinion leaders, attracting best international experience for the fight against AIDS in Ukraine, involving famous Ukrainians for the fight against AIDS. The Elena Pinchuk ANIAIDS Foundation organized in Ukraine several large-scaled charitable events – concert of Sir Elton John on Kiev Maydan Nezalezhnosty in 2007 and Queen + Paul Rogers concert in 2008 in Kharkov at Freedom Square. More than 100 health and child facilities, 1044 patients received the Foundation aid. Today the Elena Pinchuk ANTIAIDS Foundation has such partners as the Clinton Foundation and Elton John AIDS Foundation. In 2010 Elena Pinchuk became a member of UNAIDS High Level Commission on HIV Prevention.

Фонд Вильяма Дж. Клинтона и Фонд Елены Пинчук «АНТИСПИД» объявили о результатах своего двухлетнего сотрудничества в Украине
27 January, 2009 18:51
Проект, который при поддержке Фонда Елены Пинчук «АНТИСПИД» и Фонда Виктора Пинчука реализует Инициатива по ВИЧ/СПИДу Фонда Вильяма Дж. Клинтона, начал работать в Днепропетровской области осенью 2006 года.
Joint projects / Elena Pinchuk Foundation

Основные результаты проекта: начало программы заместительной поддерживающей терапии (ЗПТ) для потребителей инъекционных наркотиков; запуск первой в Украине исследовательской программы по быстрым тестам, которая позволит тестировать на ВИЧ без применения сложного лабораторного оборудования в самых отдаленных населенных пунктах и создание системы обучения специалистов по лабораторной диагностике и лечению при ВИЧ/СПИДе. Проект рассчитан на 5 лет. Вклад Фонда Елены Пинчук «АНТИСПИД» составляет 2,5 миллиона долларов США.

Днепропетровская область была выбрана в качестве пилотного региона для этого проекта, поскольку в 2006 году это была область с самыми высокими в Украине темпами распространения ВИЧ/СПИДа и наркозависимости. С 1987 года и до 1 декабря 2008 года в области было зарегистрировано 23 551 случай ВИЧ-инфекции. На диспансерном учете состоит 15 405 человек. Больше половины случаев инфицирования ВИЧ связаны с инъекционным употреблением наркотиков.

Заместительная терапия - это лечение, при котором пациенты, страдающие опиоидной наркозависимостью, вместо нелегальных наркотиков получают под контролем врача препарат-заместитель, например, метадон. Такой препарат принимается только орально (через рот). Он подавляет тягу к другим опиатам и ведет к долговременной физической, психологической и социальной стабильности. Как следствие - уменьшается количество преступлений, связанных с поиском средств для приобретения наркотиков. Клиенты программ ЗПТ становятся доступны для регулярной информационной профилактики. Кроме того, снижается риск распространения инфекционных заболеваний - в первую очередь, ВИЧ-инфекции. По данным Всемирной организации здравоохранения, ЗПТ позволяет снизить риск передачи ВИЧ от человека, принимающего терапию, поскольку для наркозависимых людей сокращается потребление наркотиков инъекционным путем с использованием общих игл и шприцов.

Программа ЗПТ для потребителей инъекционных наркотиков началась в Днепропетровской области в июле 2008 года. А уже в декабре 2008 года 302 пациентов (170 из них ВИЧ-позитивны) получают в медицинских учреждениях области препарат метадон в таблетированной форме. Все пациенты, участвующие в программе, могут также получить услуги по диагностике и лечению инфекционных заболеваний, консультации социальных работников.

Для Украины очень важна программа, позволяющая значительно упростить и ускорить тестирование на ВИЧ, поскольку лишь один из пяти ВИЧ-позитивных украинцев знает сегодня о своем статусе. Фонд Клинтона подготовил и запустил исследование, которое в будущем позволит использовать наряду с применяющимся сегодня методом подтверждения ВИЧ-статуса (он требует времени и специального лабораторного оборудования) комплекс из трех быстрых тестов разных производителей. Благодаря этому можно шире привлечь к тестированию представителей самых уязвимых групп - в первую очередь, потребителей инъекционных наркотиков и женщин секс бизнеса. Кроме того, такой подход станет по-настоящему спасительным для маленьких и труднодоступных населенных пунктов. Иногда в них, чтобы узнать свой статус, пациент должен ждать результатов своего теста больше месяца. В будущем специалисты смогут на месте проводить тестирование и выбирать подходы к дальнейшей диагностике и лечению, основываясь на результатах быстрых тестов, результаты которых известны уже за 15-20 минут. Однако это станет возможным, когда будут внесены поправки в действующее законодательство. Сегодня установить ВИЧ-статус человека можно только после проверки результатов тестирования в лабораторных условиях.

Быстрые тесты на ВИЧ применяются в пяти медицинских учреждениях области, в том числе в туберкулезных и наркологических диспансерах, что позволяет приблизить эту услугу к представителям групп риска. По данным на конец декабря 2008 года 900 человек прошли обследование быстрыми тестами на ВИЧ и лабораторные подтверждающие исследования, у каждого третьего пациента тест на ВИЧ дал положительный результат.

Для того чтобы обеспечить более качественное обследование и лечение ВИЧ-позитивных людей в Днепропетровской области, Фонд Клинтона привлекает международных экспертов и внедряет программу обучения и наставничества специалистов в области лабораторной диагностики, лечения при ВИЧ/СПИДе и наркотической зависимости. Участниками программы стали уже более 250 специалистов из всех регионов Украины.

 ВИЧ/СПИД в Украине

По оценкам международных экспертов, в Украине сегодня с ВИЧ/СПИДом живет около 440 тысяч человек (1,63% населения страны в возрасте 15-49 лет). По данным Украинского центра профилактики и борьбы со СПИДом, потребители инъекционных наркотиков составляют 67% от всех случаев ВИЧ-инфекции зарегистрированных с 1987 года.

В Украине программы заместительной поддерживающей терапии (ЗПТ) бупренорфином реализуются с 2004 года, метадоном - с 2008 года. По состоянию на 1 декабря 2008 года в программах ЗПТ при поддержке Глобального Фонда по борьбе со СПИДом, туберкулезом и малярией на базе 54 лечебных учреждений, расположенных во всех областях Украины, 856 пациентов получают лечение бупренорфином, 1 398 - метадоном.

По данным Всемирной организации здравоохранения, Объединенного агентства ООН по ВИЧ/СПИДу и Управления ООН по наркотикам и преступности, заместительная терапия - один из наиболее эффективных видов фармакологического лечения опиоидной зависимости и профилактики ВИЧ/СПИДа. Результаты более чем 100 исследований, выполненных в разных странах мира, содержат убедительные данные о том, что эта терапия ведет к снижению употребления нелегальных наркотиков; уменьшению рискованного поведения, связанного с ВИЧ/СПИДом; уменьшению передозировок и улучшению состояния здоровья; снижению криминальной активности; улучшению социального функционирования и возвращению к трудовой занятости.

Заместительная терапия метадоном и бупренорфином внедряется в 59 странах мира. В 2005 году лечение метадоном в мире получало 875 000 пациентов.

История проекта

15 сентября 2004 года при содействии Фонда Елены Пинчук «АНИСПИД» был подписан Меморандум о взаимопонимании между правительством Украины и Инициативой по ВИЧ/СПИДу Фонда Вильяма Дж. Клинтона. В ноябре 2005 года министр здравоохранения Украины от имени правительства подписал дополнение к этому Меморандуму. В соответствии с этими документами, Украина была включена в Консорциум стран по закупкам препаратов антиретровирусной терапии (АРТ), с целью обеспечения доступа к препаратам и продуктам для лечения и диагностики ВИЧ по специальным ценам. Также Фонд предоставляет техническую помощь правительству Украины, направленную на внедрение и расширение программ ЗПТ метадоном для потребителей инъекционных наркотиков, развитие программ наставничества специалистов в сфере лечения ВИЧ/СПИДа, расширение доступа к тестированию на ВИЧ с применением быстрых тестов и усиление лабораторной диагностики.


18 сентября 2006 года в Нью-Йорке было подписано соглашение о сотрудничестве между Президентом Клинтоном, Еленой Пинчук и Виктором Пинчуком в реализации этой программы. Вклад Фонда Елены Пинчук «АНТИСПИД» составит 2,5 миллиона долларов США. Со своей стороны Фонд Вильяма Дж. Клинтона обеспечивает разработку и внедрение проекта по реализации универсального доступа к лечению при ВИЧ/СПИДе и предоставляет специалистов по его реализации в Украине.

 Об Инициативе во ВИЧ/СПИДу Фонда Вильяма Дж. Клинтона

Начиная с 2002 года Инициатива по ВИЧ/СПИДу, проект Фонда Вильяма Дж. Клинтона, оказывает помощь странам во внедрении широкомасштабных программ интегрированной помощи, лечения и профилактики. Инициатива по ВИЧ/СПИДу тесно сотрудничает с 22 странами Африки, Азии, Восточной Европы, Карибского бассейна и Латинской Америки с целью построения системы здравоохранения и обеспечения лечения ВИЧ/СПИДа  путем предоставления правительствам технической помощи, мобилизации человеческих и финансовых ресурсов, содействуя распространению лучших практик среди национальных проектов. К примеру, в рамках педиатрической программы и программы для сельской местности Фонд обеспечивает уход и лечение населения, для которого эти услуги недоступны.  Также Фондом достигнуты соглашения о снижении цен на ряд медицинских препаратов и диагностических систем, которые теперь стали доступными более чем в 70 странах мира, в которых представляют более 90 процентов людей, живущих с ВИЧ/СПИДом в развивающихся странах. На сегодняшний день 1,4 миллиона человек во всем мире получают антиретровирусные препараты, закупленные в рамках оговоренных Фондом соглашений. Дополнительную информацию можно найти на сайте

Stakeholders meeting "Clinton Foundation Supports Implementation of Ukraine’s Universal Access to HIV/AIDS Treatment"
10 November, 2006 13:53
In November 10, 2006 in Kiev Premier Palace Hotel, Deepak Verma and Gaurav Bhattacharya, representatives of Clinton HIV/AIDS Initiative, introduced the project of universal access to treatment to key stakeholders in HIV/AIDS area and media. The project was initiated by Ukrainian Government and will be implemented in cooperation with Clinton HIV/AIDS Initiative and Elena Pinchuk ANTIAIDS Foundation. Elena Pinchuk, the founder of ANTIAIDS Foundation, Nadezhda Deyeva, the governor of Dnepropetrovsk region, Yuriy Polyachenko, Minister Health and partners – took part in the presentation.
Joint projects / Elena Pinchuk Foundation

In September 18, 2006 in New York, the agreement of cooperation was signed between President Clinton, Elena Pinchuk and Victor Pinchuk. Elena Pinchuk ANTIAIDS Foundation and Victor Pinchuk Foundation pledged 2.5 million USD to support Ukrainian project. Clinton HIV/AIDS Initiative will provide development and implementation of the project and expertise to manage this program in Ukraine. The project designed for 5 years. The first stage will start in 2007 in Dnepropetrovsk region – the region with the weakest respond to the epidemic in Ukraine.

According to Elena Pinchuk, the package of actions planned in frames of the project will be complementary to already running programmes in Ukraine. She emphasized that coordination with partners and government authorities will be crucial for efficient use of the project’ funds. "We need coordination, partner’ support, their remarks and recommendations. My foundation is always open for cooperation", – said Elena Pinchuk.

The program, developed by Clinton Foundation, has to accelerate the universal access to HIV/AIDS treatment. The aim of the program is to increase access to general and drug HIV/AIDS treatment in Ukraine, reduce the risk of HIV transmission among non-injecting drug users, and finally, cut down number of AIDS related deaths. In the first year, some pilot projects will be developed and sampled, with further replication of positive experience to other regions during the next 2-5 years.

Deepak Verma said that Clinton Foundation has been actively engaged in similar projects worldwide, and due to initiative of Ukrainian government and ANTIAIDS support, is looking forward to bring their experience into Ukraine. "I think that we need to develop and implement integrated approach model to treatment, care and prevention in one region and to replicate it to other Ukrainian regions in the future", – emphasized Deepak Verma.

Gaurav Bhattacharya mentioned that Clinton Foundation believes that implementation of this project, and particularly legislative changes planned in frames of the project, will help Ukraine access high-quality, low cost ARV drugs, test systems and scale up substitution therapy programs.

Main directions of the program are: rapid HIV/AIDS testing – identifying new cases of HIV infection; training, mentoring, consulting and support for health care providers of various qualification level; comprehensive drug treatment ant substitution therapy for injecting drug users; improvement of existing drug procurement system; assistance in establishment of pediatric AIDS center of excellence.

"We would like to launch project activities and to put people on treatment in our region at the beginning of coming February, - said Nadezhda Deyeva, governor of Dnepropetrovsk oblast – We understand that the future of this project in other regions depends on its success in Dnepropetrovsk".

Yuriy Polyachenko, Minister of Health, mentioned that "the project in Dnepropetrovsk will launch similar projects all round Ukraine, and the Ministry of Health will provide the program with all support needed".

Dnepropetrovsk region is the one of the most affected by HIV/AIDS epidemic. This year every day 8 new HIV cases and 3 AIDS cases were registered here, 1 person was dying every day due to AIDS. According to the records, as at August 1, 2006 there were 26 026 HIV/AIDS cases registered in Dnepropetrovsk region. Nowadays, Dnepropetrovsk region ranks second after Donetsk region by the number of people under medical supervision with HIV/AIDS diagnosis. Dnepropetrovsk region is top of the list by total number of registered HIV/AIDS cases in figures at 100 thousand of population. By the number of AIDS cases, Dnepropetrovsk region ranks second after Donetsk region.

Ukraine remains one of the most affected countries in Europe with an estimated rate of infection of 1.4% of the adult population. WHO/UNAIDS estimates that the number of people living with HIV/AIDS in Ukraine approximately 377,000 with an optimistic increase to 600,000 cases by 2010 and a pessimistic increase to 1.4 million by 2010.

Partners of the project:

Pangaea Global AIDS Foundation is the Clinton Foundation’s clinical care partner. Pangaea brings with it the clinical knowledge and vast international experience in designing and implementing HIV/AIDS programs that is crucial to the success of the program in Ukraine. Detailed information about Pangaea Global AIDS Foundation you can get at

The Elena Pinchuk ANTIAIDS Foundation ( Elena Pinchuk has long been involved in business and charitable activities in Ukraine. She established her foundation in September 2003. It is the first and sole foundation in Ukraine committed to fighting HIV/AIDS. The Foundation activities are aimed at: drawing attention of opinion makers, government authorities and business leaders to the HIV/AIDS problem; implementing large-scale informational and educational campaigns; providing direct support to people living with HIV/AIDS; attracting resources for supporting relevant projects on HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment; and diminishing the stigma and discrimination of people living with HIV/AIDS.

The Victor Pinchuk Foundation develops and supports projects that contribute to the development of Ukraine. The six fields of activity and the projects of the Foundation have been selected because of their strategic importance for the future of the country. In health care, Victor Pinchuk Foundation provides program of creation of all-Ukrainian Neonatal Centers "The cradle of hope". In the Educational ground, Scolarship Program "Завтра.UA" is being expanded. In culture, Victor Pinchuk became the founder of the biggest in Eastern Europe Center of Modern Art and co-produced documentary "Say your name" with Steven Spielberg, dedicated to Holocaust in Ukraine. To provide legal redress for poor, program of legal defense and consulting is provided in cooperation with the Soros Foundation. Victor Pinchuk takes active part in the initiatives, directed to the further integration of Ukraine into EU and world community, and also supports various regional charity projects.

Signature of the Agreement of Cooperation between Clinton’ Foundation, Elena Pinchuk and Victor Pinchuk
30 September, 2014 14:18
New York, September 18, 2006 – President Bill Clinton and two Ukrainian foundations, headed by Elena Pinchuk and Victor Pinchuk, signed an agreement of cooperation today that will expand the work against HIV/AIDS in Ukraine. Under the agreement Ukraine will receive access to the best practices to fight epidemics and the latest know-how in the area of HIV/AIDS prevention, treatment and care. The Elena Pinchuk ANTIAIDS foundation will cooperate with Clinton HIV/AIDS Initiative for the next five years in implementing project aimed at reducing HIV/AIDS escalation, care and support of people living with HIV/AIDS in Ukraine. Elena Pinchuk and Victor Pinchuk are contributing US$2.5 million toward the project.
Joint projects / Elena Pinchuk Foundation

The funds will be used during the next five years to pay for programs aimed at slowing the growth of new HIV/AIDS cases, as well as for treatment and support of people living with HIV/AIDS in Ukraine.

“I'm happy to be working with the Elena Pinchuk ANTIAIDS Foundation and the Victor Pinchuk Foundation on expanding access to HIV/AIDS prevention, care and treatment services in Ukraine,” President Clinton said. “Through their generous support, we will be able to greatly increase the number of people with access to these services, and I am grateful for the partnership”.

“The work of Clinton Foundation made tremendous difference in treatment and care of people living with HIV/AIDS in many countries. I am sure that Ukraine will benefit from President Clinton’s expertise,” Elena Pinchuk said. “For the ANTIAIDS Foundation this partnership means an expansion of our activities, which have been centered for the last three years on media campaigns. Now, to change the AIDS situation in Ukraine, the country needs the best international experience and know-how in combating the epidemics”.

Work during the first year of the project will be centered on the Dnepropetrovsk region, in the southeast part of Ukraine, which is home to more than 3 million people. The program’s initiatives will be replicated in other regions of Ukraine in following years.

Specifically, the programs will work to increase access to rapid testing, improve laboratory capacity, train and mentor health care workers, introduce HIV treatment/substitution therapy and to improve drug procurement processes. The program will also work nationally in Ukraine to  expand HIV testing legislation, develop rapid HIV test guidelines, register methadone for use and improve distribution and drug procurement processes and prices.

The agreement is the result of discussions started in 2004, when representatives of The Clinton Foundation visited Ukraine at the invitation of Ms. Pinchuk. Following that visit an agreement between the Clinton Foundation and the government of Ukraine was signed, which assisted the government in receiving access to the lowest prices on generic antiretroviral drugs for HIV/AIDS treatment. The agreement allowed more patients in Ukraine to receive access to live-saving therapy as part of the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB and Malaria grant.

The work continued in 2005 during President Clinton’s visit to Ukraine, with the signing of a memorandum which identified priority directions of cooperation of Clinton Foundation and the Government of Ukraine in the fight against HIV/AIDS. The five year program resulted from that memorandum.  The Elena Pinchuk ANTIAIDS Foundation and the Victor Pinchuk Foundation expressed their readiness to join efforts in the implementation of this project and committed the US$2.5 million.

The Clinton Foundation HIV/AIDS Initiative ( strives to make treatment for HIV/AIDS more affordable and to implement large-scale integrated care, treatment, and prevention programs. Since its inception, CHAI has helped bring AIDS care and treatment to over 415,000 people living with HIV/AIDS around the world.

The Victor Pinchuk Foundation. Victor Pinchuk is the founder of Interpipe Corporation, one of the largest Ukrainian industrial groups. Interpipe is the only East European company member of the Global Business Coalition against HIV/AIDS.  The Victor Pinchuk Foundation develops and supports projects that contribute to the development of Ukraine. The six fields of activity and the projects of the Foundation have been selected because of their strategic importance for the future of the country: Health (Neonatal Centers), Education (Stipends Programs, School of Economics, cooperation with the Aspen Institute), Culture (Contemporary Art Centre, Film on the Holocaust with Steven Spielberg), Rule of Law (with the Soros Foundation), International Development (promotion of Ukraine in the EU) and support for local communities in Ukraine.