22 August, 2015 10:06

Ghana: First Lady launches HIV prevention campaign

Mrs Lordina Dramani Mahama on Friday launched the HIV prevention of mother to child Transmission campaign in Asante Mampong in the Ashanti Region.


The campaign, under the auspices of the Lordina Foundation in collaboration with Ghana Chapter of Organisation of First Ladies in Africa (OAFLA) and Ghana AIDS Commission (GAC) attracted queen mothers in Ashanti and parts of Brong Ahafo regions, regional departmental heads, chiefs, past and present district chief executives and people from all walks of life.

The First Lady advised the public to take advantage of the free screening and test service and avail themselves for test and counselling since if one knows his/her status he or she is sure of getting medical support to improve his or health condition and ensure healthy lifestyle.

She said health is critical to the development of every nation and women have critical role to play in the agenda.

Dr Angela El - Adas, Director General of GAC, revealed that in Ghana, HIV has a feminine face and women and children together form about 70 per cent of all cases.

She said in 2013, 2,407 children under 15 years were newly infected with HIV.

She said cervical and breast cancers are the commonest causes of cancer related deaths among women in Ghana.

She explained that close to 5,000 women are diagnosed with cervical cancer each year and another 2,900 with breast cancer.

As part of the programme, two days was set aside for free breast cancer and cervical cancer screening, blood pressure checks, weight information and education on HIV prevention, stigma and discrimination.


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