8 February, 2006 13:05

Сharity Auction "Children in need"

The All-Ukrainian Network of People Living with HIV kindly invites you to participate in a Charity auction “Children in Need”. All proceeds from the auction will benefit HIV-positive children in Ukraine. The auction will take place at „Arena Entertainment”, 2a Basseyna str. Kyiv, on 22 February 2006 18:30.
Сharity Auction "Children in need" / Elena Pinchuk Foundation

Champagne reception with entertainment followed by the auction. The Charity Evening program involves the following: auction of sport and clothing items from the most famous people worldwide, as well as nationally; concert given by famous national singers as well as other famous and respected guests, including top level Ukrainian politicians. The event is an elegant blend of presentations, concert parts, fun and interaction with beau-monde. But most importantly, it provides a unique opportunity to bring together people who can make a difference in lives of children that suffered from HIV/AIDS epidemic in Ukraine.

Main auction participants

Representatives of government bodies ( Secretariat of President of Ukraine, Cabinet of Ministers, Parliament, Kyiv state administration etc), ambassadors, heads of international representatives and organizations, donor institution, businessmen, leaders of political parties, famous sportsmen, people of show business, presidents of sport clubs, member of rotary-clubs in Ukraine and abroad, etc.

Lots provided for the auction

Stage suit and shoes of Sir Elton John (suit was sewed personally by Janny Versace), ball with signatures of “Dynamo Kyiv” football team players, T-shirt of Andrey Shevchenko,  racket of the most titled Ukrainian tennis player Andrey Medvedev, boxing-gloves of Vitaly Klychko, bodysuit of Olympic champion Lilia Podkopayeva, paintings (Mykhaylo Guyda “The Queen of a night”, Victor Pokydanets “Africa. The Eath”, Valeriy Holeyko «Dreams of the childhood city”, Malyh О. «Light»), bag from the famous Ukrainian designer Sergiy Yermakov, author of Masha Yefrosinina’s gown on “Eurovision 2005”, embroidered icon, byker’s suit (trade mark “Contex”), children’s pictures


All-Ukrainian Network of PLWH, UNІCEF, Elton John Foundation, National Coordination Council on HIV/AIDS Prevention, Transatlantic Partners against AIDS (TAPAA), Elena Franchuk ANTIAIDS Foundation, “Help us help the children” Charity Foundation, Klichko Brother’s Foundation, “What’s on” and “KyivCity” magazines, “Event-service”.


International “Renaissance” Foundation, “Arena Entertainment”, “Sofia-A” Gallery, International Charitable Fund “Aidos”, “Bez Cenzury” newspaper, “Kobzov’s circus union”.

For further information about the auction, its items and program, please visit www.deti.network.org.ua or e-mail [email protected].

You may make your reservations by calling +38 (044) 425-68-89or e-mail [email protected]. Charitable contribution for one person participation – 300 UAH (60$).

In Ukraine, currently, there are only seven day care centres that provide special treatment and care services to HIV-positive children and that are in fully satisfactory functional order, and few other places that are at the initial state of development. The programmes available at these centres are developed upon the models of best international practices and crucial for bringing up a healthy and self asserted generation, capable of entering into adult life. However, the important lack of financing for such programmes, as well as funds for centres themselves to manage these programmes, reduce their effectiveness and minimise the prospects to develop and implement the nation wide strategy for HIV-positive children’s treatment and care.

The All-Ukrainian PLWHA Network (the Network thereafter), as a national organisation that stands at the roots of every initiative to help HIV-positive people  in need, especially children as they are less likely to stand for their own rights, organises a fundraising event in order to support financially the urgent needs of such centres insuring their growth and sustainability.

The Network has done a mapping of the centres available as well as their deficits and needs. Amount donated during the event will provide at least the urgent needs of such centres. The Network keeps the good faith in people’s generosity and willingness to help children.

For detailed information, please, contact Victoria Hultay, PR-Manager, All-Ukrainian Network of PLWH on E-mail: [email protected].

Tel.: (+380 44) 245 6989; (+380 66) 387 2004.

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