16 September, 2015 16:34

In Odessa the lists of drugs that are to be provided to patients free of charge were made public

From now on, in Odessa as well as in Odessa region each patient can acquaint himself/herself with the list of medicines procured for the state and local funds. They are all published on the website: liky.odesa.ua.

Besides, these lists of medicines will be placed at the entrance to registration and admitting offices of each health care institution. This became possible due to the program on health care system reform and overcoming corruption in medicine in Odessa region. This program is being implemented by the Odessa Regional State Administration in cooperation with the CF “Patients of Ukraine”.

“More than UAH 50 billion is being spent on health care in Ukraine. This money is to be transformed into free services and medicines for Ukrainians. Though, a patient receives neither one thing nor the other. The Constitution of Ukraine guarantees free medical care. But the Constitution is violated! Patients have almost never seen free medicines in this country, because doctors resold the drugs, procured by the state, to patients, – said Mikheil Saakashvili, the Head of the Odessa Regional State Administration. – From now on, you, your close ones, relatives, friends will know which medicines you can get from your state in hospitals. We hope that all the cities of Ukraine will repeat our experience. All patients in Ukraine will be in the same fair relationships with the state, as in Odessa region.”

According to the Odessa Regional State Administration, the information on the medicines remained will be updated every week. “We are starting to build new honest relationships between a patient and the government. Yearly about UAH 300 million are being spent in Odessa region on medicines procurements. Additionally, the region obtains medicines from the Ministry of Health under 19 state programs, – stated Maria Gaidar, the Deputy Chairman of the Odessa Regional State Administration. ― Patients, however, do not feel the government assistance. They do not know and do not believe that they can get at least some of the necessary drugs free of charge. From now on it will be possible,”― added Maria.

Realizing that not every pensioner can use the online resource, management of the RSA obliged health care institutions to place such information in printed form near registration and admitting offices and constantly update it.

Straight after the media briefing, the representatives of the Odessa Regional State Administration and patient organizations together with journalists set off to check the availability of medicines lists in hospitals. They assured that information campaign on informing people on the possibility of obtaining medicines in hospitals free of charge will be conducted in the short run.

“Personally I, as a patient, have the right to know where the money I pay in taxes goes. The information has been hidden from me in this country for 15 years. Now it will become public and that may help many patients in Ukraine. I hope that the Ministry of Health will follow the example of Odessa region,” – said Dmytro Sherembey, the Head of the Board of the CF “Patients of Ukraine”.

Officials and activists emphasize that in case of doctor’s refusal to hand over drugs, officially available in the warehouse of the medical institution, he/she will be obliged to provide a written explanation on the reason for their unavailability. Each patient will be able to verify the availability of the medicine on the site, put up by the Odessa Regional Health Department, and in case of information mismatch, complain about the doctor’s actions by phones: +38 (048) 722-52-00, +38 (048) 728-55-75 and e-mail: uoz@odessa.gov.ua.

Activists believe that such actions of the RSA will result in reduction of treatment expenses of many families in Odessa.

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