10 August, 2015 23:42

Health Minister: Medicines to be supplied by international organizations under 7 programs

Medicines will be delivered to Ukraine by three international organizations under seven programs. This was announced by Minister of Healthcare Olexandr Kvitashvili at a briefing at the Government House on Monday, August 10.

According to him, last week there were reached relevant verbal agreements, now the experts are to elaborate all the details and the contract will be signed in the near future.

"We plan to sign the deal throughout two weeks, by August 25, and in September to start the procurement process through international organizations", said the Minister.

Olexandr Kvitashvili noted that the international organizations would manage to deliver medications to the country, after all, they have already concluded long-term contracts with manufacturers and have ready pharmaceutical products in warehouses. This enables to meet the demand of the country by the end of year, Olexandr Kvitashvili believes. Seven programs include HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, immunization, pediatric oncology and hematology, adult oncology, viral hepatitis, hemophilia.

"Why have we chosen the mentioned seven programs? As in the past they were the most problematic,” stressed the Minister. “We will try to make all of these programs fulfilled with support of international organizations to settle an issue with a deficit in the country once and for all."

Olexandr Kvitashvili accentuated that after the contract signed, it is significant that the following year the procurement process will commence in February-March, once the budget is approved.


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