7 June, 2005 16:48

Children face of HIV

Starting from 1995 HIV/AIDS epidemic was spreading mostly among IDUs and their sex partners. Nowadays number of new HIV cases among women is rising dramatically. Partly, the reason for such shift might be explained by increasing figures in the heterosexual way of HIV transmission. Indeed, recent trends demonstrate the fact that Ukraine is now at the edge of the heterosexual epidemic. The consequences of the heterosexual epidemic are rather clear. In the countries, where HIV from the risk groups is spreading to the general population, number of HIV-positive kids and AIDS orphans is increasing along with the budget allowances for the treatment, care and support.
Children face of HIV / Elena Pinchuk Foundation
Author: Elena Pinchuk ANTIAIDS Foundation | Dmitry Vandenko

The presentation titled “Ukraine at the edge of the heterosexual epidemic. Who will take care of the AIDS orphans tomorrow?” contains brief analyses of the recent trends and might-be reasons for HIV/AIDS spread among children along with the list of problems faced by children, involved in HIV/AIDS epidemic in Ukraine.

The information was first presented by Elena Pinchuk ANTIAIDS Foundation at the German-Austrian AIDS Congress, which took place in Vienna, June 1st – June 4th.

Special gratitude for the information and assistance provided to:

  • Svetlana Komar, head of infection disease department of Kyiv city pediatric hospital №1;
  • Ludmila Batekhina, director of the Foundation “Donbass against AIDS”, deputy of the head of the specialized orphanage for children with HIV/AIDS (Ukraine, Donetcskaya oblast, Makeevka city);
  • Igor Oliynik, coordinator on HIV/AIDS and STI programs of the WHO liaison office in Ukraine;
  • Ol’ga Panfilova, child programs consultant, All-Ukrainian Network of PLWH.
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