30 November, 2015 02:21

Alliance is changing name to Alliance for Public Health

One the eve of 15th anniversary we are changing name to Alliance for Public Health.

We are continuing to be the Alliance, the name we are known to nearly everyone working in our sphere, at the same time the new name corresponds to the real scope of our work and correlates with our vision of the future.

Determination to address HIV/AIDS remains in the core of our work, but no longer as a stand-alone issue. With the new name we are in a stronger position to address HIV/AIDS epidemics as well as Tuberculosis and Hepatitis. It reflects our broader public health commitment and our expertise in driving innovations and bringing programs at scale to impact the epidemics and to ensure sustainability.

Our new logo transmits multiple meanings. It may be associated with the three diseases we are focusing on, it can be interpreted geographically, keeping in mind Alliance work in Ukraine, in the region and globally. The colors resonate with Alliance family colors. It is a clear and solid logo, which reflects our 15-years’ organizational experience. It is forward looking logo.

We have refreshed our web-site showing who we are today to serve as a reliable resource in our dynamic world. It is in the test mode, you can access it at: www.aph.org.ua.

Alliance for Public Health

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