1 June, 2016 22:53

Alliance for Public Health Runs Social Quests for Adolescents who Use Drugs in Five Cities of Ukraine

Within the project aimed at protection of the right of children to healthy development, Alliance and its local partners run social and preventive Quests for 400 adolescent project clients in Kyiv, Odesa, Kharkiv, Poltava, and Sloviansk to mark the International Children’s Day. The winning team will receive a certificate to attend a bowling club free of charge, other participants will also get incentives.

The Quests are aimed to engage adolescents into active and healthy lifestyle through an exciting interactive game: building team spirit; coping with interesting and creative tasks; enhancing knowledge about socially dangerous diseases; giving a possibility to protect health to bring children’s dearest dreams into life.

In the field, the campaign is carried out by project implementers – Convictus Ukraine, Our Help, The Way Home, The Light of Hope, and Parus NGOs. Partners of the local project implementers also joined the Quests: city centers of social services for family, children and youth, departments of youth and sports, departments of education, services for children, youth-friendly clinics, branches of the Red Cross Society, students of education and medical colleges, and representatives of local business.

The Project “Harm reduction for children and young people who use drugs in Ukraine” is implemented with financial support of the Elton John AIDS Foundation.

On 1 June 2016, most countries are marking the International Children’s Day for the 91st time, drawing the attention of people all over the world to the rights of children and obligations of adults to protect those rights. This day is aimed to make a focus on grown-up problems of those who are not yet able to stand up for themselves and to remind communities about the need to protect the rights of each and every child.

Alliance for Public Health
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