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At the World AIDS Day Queen + Paul Rodgers returned to Ukraine – from the screens

On December,1 at the World AIDS Day two-hours cinema version of the rock-concert Queen + Paul Rodgers "Life must go on!" was presented for media and partners. This charitable concert organized by Elena Franchuk ANTIAIDS Foundation and dedicated to the fight against AID in Ukraine took place on Septamber,12 2008 at Kharkov's Freedom Square and gathered 350 000 audience.
At the World AIDS Day Queen + Paul Rodgers returned to Ukraine – from the screens / Elena Pinchuk Foundation

Distribution of the cinema version of the concert will cover more than 30 Ukrainian cinemas equipped with HD video in E-Cinema format and sound Dolby Prologic 5.1, and will continue till the end of January, 2009. Executive producers are Jim Beach and Elena Franchuk. The partner of the project is Noviy Channel.

Magic of that outstanding night at the Freedom Square conquer the Europe. On December, 1, at the World AIDS Day, the unique demonstration of the cinema version of the concert will take place in 100 cinemas of the Europe. Only in Great Britain concert will be demonstrated on more than 40 screens (in November special concert release was released on 300 screens in the USA). At the same time distribution of the film will start in our country. From December, 1 mostly at the South and the East of Ukraine, at the regions most affected by HIV/AIDS epidemic and in Kiev and Ternopol. Later the film will be screened through all Ukraine. Considerable limits in the number of screens caused by the technical innovation introduced with the film.

That day, September,12, Queen + Paul Rodgers came in Kharkov specially to perform the unique concert and to support the efforts of Elena Franchuk ANTIAIDS Foundation in the fight against AIDS in Ukraine. Having joined ANTIAIDS Foundation Brain May, Rodger Taylor and Paul Rodgers stepped at the scene to "play music" and appeal to Ukrainians: "Don't let AIDS to ruin you life!"

Cinema version of the concert captures in spectacular high definition and Cinema Surround Sound of that historic night, which the band's Brian May describes as "an unforgettable experience...one of those rare things in life which you know you will never forget. A meeting in Music, but also a coming together to fight a common enemy..."

That common enemy May refers to, is of course, HIV AIDS, which claimed Queen lead singer Freddie Mercury in 1991 and against which Queen has staged its own on-going fight through its Mercury Phoenix Trust charity.

The World Aids Day screenings will continue the educational and awareness work of Elena Franchuk ANTIAIDS Foundation and Mercury Phoenix Trust.

Elena Franchuk, Founder of ANTIAIDS Foundation: "We're trying to involve as many people as possible in the fight against AIDS in Ukraine. Our awareness projects were built on music, paintings and fashion. And now, it is time for cinema. It is vital for our work as Movie Theater is a place where young people spend their time, meaning that we can reach them there. "Life must go on!" the title of the concert in Kharkov. And it is great that this show has a chance to go on".

"The big screen setting is an ideal medium in which to feel a sense of participation in the Kharkov event," says director David Mallet. "This was by far the biggest show of its kind ever staged. The equipment needed two Antonov 124 aircraft - the world's biggest cargo planes - to get it into the Ukraine, and it is almost impossible to imagine the scale of it once it was built. You would never get a sense of that on television or DVD, which is why it had to be made for the biggest of screens. You could never otherwise experience that feeling of being in there among that crowd; think of it - this was four or five times bigger than your normal Hyde Park concert audience. "

The unforgettable experience of that September 12 night is recalled by band's Roger Taylor and Paul Rodgers:

Roger Taylor: "We would like to say a big thank you to the people of the Ukraine in giving Queen such a wonderful welcome after so many years. We hope the concert helped to bring a message of awareness of the terrible threat of HIV/AIDS to all the people! We have suffered the great loss of our dear singer Freddie Mercury - we hope this kind of loss does not happen to you. Be kind to yourselves - be careful - be alive!"

Paul Rodgers: "To all who came out and rocked with us thank you. We believe that our Aids Awareness message was received by 20 million! Hopefully we touched those hearts and minds and I pray that it makes a difference."

Cinema version of the concert in Kharkov was created by one of the most outstanding British Directors David Mallet. The list of his works includes concerts and video clips of Queen and Freddy Mercury, and also such musicians and bands as AC/DC, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Al Jarreau, Bon Jovi, Cher, David Gilmor, Genesis, Jethro Tull, Madonna, Michael Bolton, Placido Domingo, Phil Collins, Pink Floyd, Rolling Stones, Rod Stewart, Sarah Brightman, Whitney Houston, Cliff Richard, Pet Shop Boys, Def Leppard, Kiss, Elvis Costello, Mark Knopfler, Monserrat Caballe, Ozzy Osborne, Gary Moore, Iggy Pop, Scorpions, Tina Turner, Diana Ross, Elton John, Celine Dion, David Bowie, Janet Jackson, U2, Bejart Ballet and many others. David owns several awards Emmy and Grammy, and other awards and nominations in the music video. Detailed information about David Mallet you can download at http://www.lifemustgoon.net/press/download.

Production: Serpent Productions. Distribution in Ukraine: Time Line Group.

The Ukraine and HIV AIDS:

Over the last few years Ukraine has continuously been the country with the highest rate of HIV prevalence in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. According to recent national estimates the HIV prevalence rate is 1.63% among the adult population (age 15-49) which corresponds with a figure of 440,000 HIV-infected. Official data of new registered cases shows an annual increase in new cases of 10 % compared to previous years. Every day 52 people are diagnosed with HIV, 8 people dies of AIDS in Ukraine.

The country also has reported the highest HIV prevalence in Europe (0.52%) among pregnant women.

About the project

Charitable concert Queen + Paul Rodgers dedicated to the fight against AIDS was organized by Elena Franchuk ANTIAIDS Foundation. It took place at the biggest square of Ukraine and gathered unbelievable audience - according to the international experts estimate 350 000 people came on September,12 at Kharkov's Freedom Square and bordering streets. Concert started at 7.30 pm and continued 2 hours and 15 minutes. Musicians played 28 songs and 2 instrumental compositions. That evening several records at once were broken. Concert "Life must go on!" became the greatest event devoted to the fight against AIDS in Ukraine and one of the most scaled concerts in the history of our country. It added a glorious page to history of the band as for 40 years of its existing concert of Queen had never gathered so large audience!

Fan zone for 12 000 people was located in front of the scene. Invitations for this zone were disseminated through ANTIAIDS Foundation' partners and Ukrainian and foreign fan clubs. Totally 3 000 foreign fans came for the concert. That evening more than 3 500 security guards kept order at the square.

Renewed photo report from the concert is at www.lifemustgoon.net/press/gallery.

Several days before the concert and at the day of the concert at the Freedom Square 210 volunteers of ANTIAIDS Foundation distributed more than 60 000 condoms and 146 000 flyers with the information about HIV/AIDS, the ways of transmission and protection, centers of HIV testing in Kharkov.

Concert was the first event of the new wave of the informative campaign in the context of the project "On The Edge!" which was started by Elena Franchuk ANTIAIDS Foundation on September, 13 on national TV.

All information about concert is at www.lifemustgoon.net.

For detailed information, please, contact Pavel Piminov, Communications Director, Elena Franchuk ANTIAIDS Foundation on e-mail: P.Piminov@antiaids.orgContact phone number: +38 (044) 490 4805.


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