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On 1 December, 1st web-site EX.ua traditionally donated all advertising proceeds to fight against AIDS

On the World AIDS Day, one of the most popular resources of the Ukrainian Internet EX.ua gave away all advertising space to share information about HIV/ AIDS.
On 1 December, 1st web-site EX.ua traditionally donated all advertising proceeds to fight against AIDS / Elena Pinchuk Foundation

On that day, foundation and EX.ua promoted 3 projects: "Dreams come true» - fundraising for New Year presents for HIV-positive children; "Safe Connection", a joint project with the Coca-Cola Foundation, promoting healthy lifestyles and launch of AIDS.ua, a brand-new web-site on HIV/AIDS.

Within 24 hours information about projects against AIDS was exposed to 800 000 unique users. More than 100 000 users visited Elena Pinchuk ANTIAIDS Foundation, namely mrii.in.ua, safeconnection.org, AIDS.ua.

Cooperation with EX.ua

Cooperation of the ANTIAIDS Foundation and EX.ua, ranked among the top five most visited Ukrainian Internet resources, is one of the best examples of cooperation in the field of digital social communication in Ukraine.

On December, 1st, 2010, the World AIDS Day, Ukrainian largest information exchange service EX.ua donated all advertising spaces for social advertising of Elena Pinchuk ANTIAIDS Foundation. It is regarded as a unique case in the Ukrainian history when one of the leading Internet portals provided all its resources to draw attention to the urgent social problem. Within 24 hours, more than half a million unique users viewed social advertising on EX.ua, which is comparable to the reach of a campaign on a major national TV channel. More than 100,000 unique users were redirected from the portal EX.ua to Fashion AID web site.

In 2011, EX.ua and Elena Pinchuk ANTIAIDS Foundation equaled the record of their joint project on sharing information about HIV/AIDS among the Ukrainian Internet users. For the second consecutive year, one of the most visited Ukrainian Internet resources provided all its advertising space to social advertising. In 2011, the target audience of the project exceeded 1 million users. This was outstanding result for social projects in Ukraine. The project reached 1.142 million unique users, 99600 users were redirected to the Fashion AID project, where they could make donation and get T-shirt promoting safe sex. All proceeds from the sale of T-Shirts were transferred to help HIV-positive children. More than 90% of the EX.ua users are young people aged 18-35 years, being most vulnerable to HIV infection. That is why the website EX.ua became the ideal platform to raise awareness of young people to such problems as HIV/AIDS.

On December, 1st 2013, EX.ua and Elena Pinchuk ANTIAIDS Foundation gathered the audience of 1 million unique visitors in a special project, dedicated to the World AIDS Day. Within 1 day on the website EX.ua banners of "Dreams come true" (mrii.in.ua), Safe Connection (safeconnection.org), Fashion AID (fashion-aid.in.ua) were shown more than 30 million times. The project covered more than 1 million unique users, there were recorded 29 822 173 exposures of social advertising and 46 443 redirections to websites of the ANTIAIDS Foundation social projects. This audience reach is comparable to an advertising campaign on major national broadcast television.

For detailed information, please contact Pavel Piminov, Communications Director the Elena Pinchuk ANTIAIDS Foundation: +380 44 490 4805, P.Piminov@antiaids.org.

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