16 May, 2005 19:48

In Vienna under support of ANTIAIDS Foundation, 29 000 EURO were raised for Ukrainian HIV-positive kids

This sum was raised on June, 4th 2005 during the auction, where fourteen paintings of Austrian artists were sold. The organizers of the charitable event – Austrian AIDS Society and German AIDS Society, the German NGO “Connect Plus e.V.” and Elena Pinchuk ANTIAIDS Foundation announced that all funds raised will be transferred to the children’s infection disease departments.
In Vienna under support of ANTIAIDS Foundation, 29 000 EURO were raised for Ukrainian HIV-positive kids / Elena Pinchuk Foundation

Results of the charitable gala surprised even those who organized it: within 40 minutes, the short time that the auction lasted, 29 000 EURO were collected. All participants agreed that the main motivation for them was the strong desire to help Ukrainian children living with HIV/AIDS.

The auction was organized in the framework of the German-Austrian AIDS Congress that took place in Vienna June 1st – 4th 2005. The main focus of this year’s Congress was the situation regarding HIV/AIDS in Eastern Europe. For providing first-hand information for the Congress participants, doctors and NGO representatives from the close neighbor’s countries were invited to take part at the Congress and to deliver speeches.

Executive Director of Elena Pinchuk ANTIAIDS Foundation delivered speech about HIV/AIDS situation in Ukraine. Participants were impressed by the number of women and children involved in HIV/AIDS epidemic in Ukraine.

According to the official data registered, as of 01.03.05, 8 478 children live with HIV/AIDS in Ukraine. Among them, 11% are orphans or children left in maternity houses. According to the expert estimations, by the year 2014 the number of the AIDS orphans might raise up to 42 000 (research conducted by the MoH of Ukraine under support of the World Bank and GFATM).

ANTIAIDS Foundation prepared the list of the urgent needs of the infection disease departments, where Ukrainian HIV-positive children spend most of their life time. Austrian AIDS Society negotiated with the famous Austrian and German artists the donation of fourteen painting for auction during the Charitable Gala at the last day of the Congress.

The funds raised during the Auction will be spent on procurement of sterile storage of medicines, tables for medical procedures, functional pediatric beds, refrigerators for serum samples storage and a dry heat sterile box.

Frieder Alberth, co-founder of the German NGO “Connect Plus e.V.”: “Our organization has been working in Eastern European countries for a long time and we know firsthand what problems people living with HIV/AIDS face in Ukraine. I visited several hospitals in different regions of Ukraine personally and I have to admit that working conditions and the patients’ department for children is not up to the standards”.

Dr. Brigitte Schmied, Executive Director of the Austrian AIDS Society: “Although initially isolated from the global epidemic, the numbers of HIV diagnosis increased dramatically in the last years in Eastern Europe. Therefore it was of major importance to focus the Conference on HIV/AIDS topics in this region. A comprehensive support should include treatment and prevention, care, research, education, and training and must involve cooperation and partnership between the public and private sectors. Price reductions of HIV/AIDS treatments, the increasing availability of generics, and financial support for treatment programs are necessary. In addition efforts have to be initiated to increase access to high-quality HIV/AIDS treatment and care through an expanded pool of physicians and health care professionals qualified in the treatment and management of HIV infection and AIDS”.

Elena Pinchuk, founder of the ANTIAIDS Foundation, “Every year the number of HIV-positive children is growing. These kids need medication, care and support. That is why we don’t restrict our activity only to informational and educational campaigns. We’re working to provide specialized hospitals and proper staff with the necessary support. I am very thankful to the Auction organizers and participants for their quick response to help Ukrainian hospitals and for understanding the problem”.

For detailed information, please, contact Pavel Piminov, Communications Director, Elena Pinchuk ANTIAIDS Foundation on e-mail: P.Piminov@antiaids.orgContact phone number: +38 (044) 490 4805.

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