9 April, 2008 12:20

Beauty will save the world!

Charitable auction organized in the context of the project "Sanitary safety" took place on November, 3 in the fashionable Sky Art Café, where the collection of 14 black-and-white photos was sold. This project is annually conducted by Coordinate council of experts of beauty shops. Ukrainian celebrities and sportsmen are depicted at the photos in a luxury atmosphere of the beauty shop. Their characters were created by the team of the best Ukrainian stylists. Photo session was conducted by the master of photo - famous Ukrainian artist Alexander Ktitorchuk. Funds raised during the biddings were directed to Elena Pinchuk ANTIAIDS Foundation for the needs of specialized orphanage for children living with HIV/AIDS in Makeyevka city. Total budget of the project is 24 550 USD. These funds in February-March 2008 were spent for the reconstruction of lavatory, new furniture, equipment and medicines for HIV-positive children.
Beauty will save the world! / Elena Pinchuk Foundation
Author: Alexander Ktitorchuk

Photo session took place in the beauty shop. The most famous Ukrainian media personages played parts of masters of style and visitors of the shop. There were Olympic champion Lilia Podkopayeva, media bosses Vlad Ryashyn, Alexander Bogutsky, Elena Mozgovaya, Ukrainian President' daughter Vitalina Khakhleva - Yushchenko, singers Assiya Akhat, Svetlana Loboda, Natalya Mogilevskaya, Kristina Kots - Gotlib, Alena Vinnitskaya, dancer Vlad Yama, singers Jango and Kuzma, sculptor Oleg Pinchuk, sisters Zavalskiye (band "Alibi"), duet Nastya Kamenskikh and Potap, TV stars Olga Gorbacheva, Svetlana Volnova, Nadegda Meyher, Elena Frolyak, Dmitry Kolyadenko, actors Ostap Stupka, Vladimir Goryanskiy, Olga Sumskaya, Ruslana Pisanka.

Glamorous photo of Vlad Yama and Natalya Mogilevskaya became the most expensive lot. It was sold for 60 000 UAH.

Thanks to organizers, VIP models and participants of the auction ANTIAIDS Foundation helped specialized orphanage for children living with HIV/AIDS in Makeyevka city to satisfy urgent requirements. The main part of the project is the reconstruction of the lavatory, one of the most important sanitary arrangements in any medical institution. As the result of the repair walls stay the only reminding of the former times. The rest of the equipment was changed: water supply, sewerage system, sanitary engineering, interior furnishing, instead of the old windows and doors the new metal-plastic ones have appeared. Dwelling units were furnished with the new beds, wardrobes and ten free-air ionizers. Nutrition unit was equipped by electric furnace with six burners. Medicines necessary for HIV-positive children and hepatitis testing systems were also obtained.

For detailed information, please, contact Pavel Piminov, Communications Director, Elena Pinchuk ANTIAIDS Foundation on e-mail: [email protected]. Contact phone number: +38 (044) 490 4805.

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