4 April, 2012 14:42

On International Internet Day the Elena Pinchuk ANTIAIDS Foundation SafeBook application has provided information for the protection from AIDS for 5 000 people since its inception

Today, the April 4th, International Internet Day, the Elena Pinchuk ANTIAIDS Foundation has announced the first results of distribution of its mobile application SafeBook, created for those who want to sort out their active sex life. Since the SafeBook free application was released by the App Store at the end of 2011 the number of downloads has exceeded 5,000.
On International Internet Day the Elena Pinchuk ANTIAIDS Foundation SafeBook application has provided information for the protection from AIDS for 5 000 people since its inception / Elena Pinchuk Foundation

International Internet Day is celebrated on April 4th, the day that St. Isidore of Seville died (about 560 – April, 4, 636). He is known as the patron of students and is believed to have created the first-ever encyclopedia “Etymologiae”, which had 20 volumes. In 2001 The Vatican unofficially admitted that St. Isidore is the best choice to become a patron of Internet-users since the Internet is an encyclopedia of human knowledge. It is Isidore of Seville who was the first to use a system of cross-references, which resemble distantly hyperlinks used in the net.

The SafeBook application was developed specifically for iPhones, iPad tablets and iPod Touch players users who lead a violent sex life. This application helps the user to sort out sexual contacts by collecting them in a common base and putting them in one or another sequence depending on sexual rating assigned to the contact, his status and the frequency of communication. Thanks to this application users having a lot of sexual intercourse will be able to better plan their intimate life and to receive from time to time reminders about the necessity to protect themselves from AIDS using condoms.

SafeBook provides a convenient form of communication with your sexual partners, making it possible to chat in social networks and also to exchange SMS and e-mail messages. Users can make outgoing calls without quitting the application and an easy-to-use calendar permits users to plan romantic meetings without forgetting important details about previous dates.

SafeBook also makes it possible for users to manage love “achievements”. Moreover users can always share these in social accounts, without revealing any private information.

The main target audience of this project is city youth who practice risky sexual behaviors and actively use mobile devices based on iOS (Apple, Inc .Operating System). Experts assess the number of Apple smartphones in different Ukrainian mobile networks in use has increased in 2011 by 300% as compared to only 25%in 2010.

The SafeBook application was developed by the Elena Pinchuk ANTIAIDS Foundation working with a Ukrainian team of a the leading Russian digital agency Grape – the first strategic digital agency in the Russian advertising market. Today it occupies the third position as one of the largest interactive agencies (according to data provided by the Russian Communication Agencies Association). The Ukrainian office of Grape has been operating since January 2011.

SafeBook was created under the framework of a more global project of the Elena Pinchuk ANTIAIDS Foundation known as Safe Connection. This is a unique informational resource on HIV/AIDS and safe sex practices, created in social networks by the Elena Pinchuk ANTIAIDS Foundation with the assistance of the Coca-Cola Foundation.

The resource was created to make it possible for socially and sexually active young people to find interesting materials discussing HIV/AIDS and safe sex practices in a convenient and clear form. Users can discuss the most successful social media companies, offer their creative ideas and find new friends, whether like-minded people or detractors. The project also permits users to discuss in earnest those problems that worry them the most. Safe Connection provides a possible way to change attitudes about the world, where the HIV/AIDS epidemic exists, or simply to make a contribution to the struggle against AIDS by protecting yourself and your family and friends.

On March 24, 2012, the Safe Connection Quest campaign, which is a set of quests for youth, dedicated to struggling against AIDS, was launched in Kiev under the framework of the Safe Connection project. The first game will take place on April 7th in Odessa. A new on-line stage of Safe Connection Quest is scheduled to be held every week.

For detailed information, please, contact Pavel Piminov, Communications Director, the Elena Pinchuk ANTIAIDS Foundation: +380 67 466 8736, P.Piminov@antiaids.org.
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