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New media campaign of ANTIAIDS Foundation is about “Who Do You Sleep With” and what is it – “Accident or Rule”

On 1st of December 2005 new informational campaign of Elena Pinchuk ANTIAIDS Foundation, dedicated to safe sex promotion, started on the national TV. On November 30th, 2005 Foundation presented TV spots to the partners and mass media. The campaign was dated for World AIDS Day and continues Foundation efforts on promotion of safe behavior model among youth. The target group of the campaign is youth, the most vulnerable part of the population.
New media campaign of ANTIAIDS Foundation is about “Who Do You Sleep With” and what is it – “Accident or Rule” / Elena Pinchuk Foundation

The partners of the Foundation - leaders of the biggest international and Ukrainian NGOs, top-managers of national TV channels and advertising sale-houses –  attended the presentation. The special attention of guests and journalists has been to the presence of new Good Will Ambassador of UN on HIV/AIDS – overall champion of Olympic Games, World and Europe championship, Lilia Podkopaeva. Before the official ceremony started, guests had chance to get acquainted with special project of the ANTIAIDS Foundation: photo exhibition of HIV-positive kids from Kiev “Beryozka” orphanage and specialized orphanage in Makeyevka.

Elena Pinchuk, the founder of ANTIAIDS Foundation: “On the official data, every day in Ukraine 30 more people discover that they are HIV infected. But the real quantity is a few times more. In majority among newly infected, are young people in their twenties and every third person gets infected due to unprotected sex. Most of these cases could be prevented. I had this in mind when I established the Foundation two years ago, and I kept the same idea in mind when we worked on new campaign”.

New spots of Foundation – “Who do you sleep with” and “Accident or Rule” - will be on air at the national TV channels starting from December 1st, the World AIDS Day.  Each spot is a separate story, but they have common message: a condom can protect you from getting HIV. Leading experts of the World Health Organization, UNAIDS and UNFPA declared on the XV International conference on AIDS: “… A condom is the only one, the most effective and available mean of protection from HIV transmission. … Condoms are key enabler of preventive measures and will remain them for many years”.

Materials of the project you can download in Media Campaigns.

The most emotional moment of the presentation was speech of HIV-positive girl who agreed to tell her story on public. A year ago Irene found out that she was HIV infected. She was only 18 then, she was a fourth year student of Medical college, was going to get married, she made plans on future. For two months doctors couldn’t bring themselves to tell her about her HIV status, doubted, sent blood samples to Kiev for additional examination. And then was diagnosis. The doctors told Irene nothing that could calm her down or give any hope. Even reaction of her parents was different: the father was calm as nothing happened, her mother supported her, helped to find new sense in life. But it was difficult to live in a small town and Irene decided to move to Kiev. “I thought that it would be easier to get lost in a big city, – she says, – but then I understood that my diagnosis didn’t let me to live calmly even here. I was asked to resign when it was found out about my HIV status at my work place. Now, I’m 19. My boyfriend, who I was getting married to, broke up with me, as well. All my life went head over heals…”. Irene agreed to tell her story in presence of journalists and few dozens of guests. That was her first public speech. She was worried very much but managed to say everything that she was going to. Answering the question how she had the courage to do such step she answered: “If my speech saves at least one person, I will know that I haven’t done this step in vain. But I’m scared to see my face on TV. My granny doesn’t know…”.

Simultaneously with campaign, 400 thousand of condom packs, with the telephone number of hotline on HIV/AIDS – 8 800 500 4510, will be on sale. The main project target is to provide additional communication channel for sexually active youth, which is target group for informational campaign. This is project of ANTIAIDS Foundation and TM “Contex”.

For detailed information, please, contact Pavel Piminov, Communications Director, Elena Pinchuk ANTIAIDS Foundation on E-mail: P.Piminov@antiaids.orgContact phone number: +38 (044) 490 4805.


Provid/BBDO | Фонд Елены Пинчук «АНТИСПИД»

Provid/BBDO | Фонд Елены Пинчук «АНТИСПИД»
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