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AIDS is closer than you think

New social Chain PSA of Elena Pinchuk ANTIAIDS Foundation presented on December,6 2009 on Novy TV channel during gala-concert of the most popular TV show of this season - "Star factory 3". The same day and the same show the special song was aired live. It was performed by Factory' participants and a guest of the Star' house - HIV-positive young man. By ANTIAIDS Foundation' request he was staying at the Star House together with its inhabitants. Chain PSA and presence of a special guest inspired project' participants and music producer of "Star Factory 3" Konstantyn Meladze to create and perform a single.
 AIDS is closer than you think / Elena Pinchuk Foundation

For the first time in the history of Ukraine HIV-positive person took part at the live broadcast of top rated TV show. For the first time the song devoted for the fight against AIDS was created by such top-level author as Konstantyn Meladze. For the first time PSA presentation was conducted not in the circle of journalists and partners but for the huge TV audience.

"You are young, healthy and successful - does it mean you're protected from HIV? Your status is not a guarantee. AIDS is closer than you think". New PSA of Elena Pinchuk ANTIAIDS Foundation is targeting youth, most vulnerable for HIV/AIDS group. This story is about chain of relationships, which cannot be fully controlled or kept up with. Each of us has already been at the risk group. "Your social status doesn't guarantee you're protected from AIDS. You are in danger!"

On December, 1, on World AIDS Day, participants of the "Star Factory 3" discussed this topic with their HIV-positive guest, who was invited by Elena Pinchuk ANTIAIDS Foundation. Fedor has been living with HIV for 5 years. He knows like nobody else how dangerous it is to undervalue the risk of HIV-infection. Participant of the show were inspired by this meeting and decided to perform together with Fedor a song dedicated to AIDS problem at the gala-concert on December,6. "Star Factory 3" musical producer Konstantyn Meladze support them totally and wrote a song. The whole week Fedor spent in the Star House together with its inhabitants. They talked, rehearsed and prepared for their hour of triumph.

"I believe the new song of Konstantyn Meladze devoted to the fight against AIDS and created specially for the "Star Factory 3" is not only to become number one in hit parades, but to save thousands lives. I want to thank Konstantyn Meladze, Novy channel, all participants of the show and of course Fedor!" - Elena Pinchuk said.

"I agreed to stay at Star House, - Fedor says. - I shared my story. We got along pretty well and I felt myself at home, - we discussed everything. I told them why it is so important to protect themselves from AIDS, about the fatal consequences of the drug use. I want participants and audience of the project see the AIDS problem in a different light after our performance".

Fedor is not alien to music. He writes songs and sings some that his friends write for him. His performance became a great event for him and for millions young people. They learnt about HIV/AIDS not from the teacher or doctor but from the peer whose words are trustworthy. They saw it is safe to be friends with HIV-positive person. The single performance like this can help to build tolerance towards HIV-positive people more than hundreds lectures or leaflets.

Media: ICTV, Novy, STB, М1, QTV.

Target audience: population at the age of 14-25 years.

Versions of the PSA's: 40''.

Youth was and still remains the most vulnerable group for HIV/AIDS. In 2009 54 new cases of HIV-infection are registered in Ukraine daily. Every fifth case falls to the young person at the age 15-24. This part of population is the most sexually active. Young people - due to the age - use to experiment often risky and extreme. If at the beginning of the AIDS epidemic the main way of HIV transmission was parenteral (through blood - mostly caused by drugs using), today every second person is getting HIV through sexual contacts.

For detailed information, please, contact Pavel Piminov, Communications Director, Elena Pinchuk ANTIAIDS Foundation: +380 44 490 4805P.Piminov@antiaids.org 


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