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Support for doctors and medical entities

In 2005 we started new project to support medical entities and care providers. The main idea was to reduce stigma and discrimination of HIV-patients by protecting doctors and improving healthcare facilities.
Support for doctors and medical entities / Elena Pinchuk Foundation

In 2015 Foundation supported 20 medical entities 410 623,35 UAH.

In 2014 Foundation supported 14 medical entities for the total sum of 20 855 USD.

In 2013 Foundation supported 19 medical entities for the total sum of 42 703 USD.

In 2012 Foundation supported 21 medical entities for the total sum of 46 719 USD.

In 2011 Foundation supported 21 medical entities for the total sum of 33 458 USD.

In 2010 Foundation supported 12 medical entities for the total sum of 21 966 USD.

In 2009 Foundation supported 25 medical entities for the total sum of 41 051 USD.

In 2008 on expense of funds raised during Love Fashion AID charitable auction and ANTIAIDS' funds we managed to reconstruct and supply with high quality equipment two focal medical entities: HIV/AIDS department of the Institute of epidemiology and infectious diseases named after Gromashevskiy and department for infectious disease of Kiev maternity hospital №4 for the total sum 582 167 USD.

In 2008, Foundation supported 28 medical entities for the total sum of 16 832 USD.

In 2007 Foundation supported 29 medical entities and 2 foster families for the total sum of 147 737 USD.

In 2006 Foundation supported 16 medical entities and 2 host families for HIV-positive orphans in Makeevka for the total sum of 15 905 USD. Among our beneficiaries this year are: orphanages in Kiev, Makeevka, Bila Tserkva and Odessa, TB hospital in Kiev, infectious disease hospitals in Kiev and Chernigov, day care center for children with HIV/AIDS in Kiev, day care cabinet in Kiev AIDS Center (Vertical), Lugansk oblast AIDS center and Lavra hospital.

In 2005 Foundation supported 5 medical entities for the total sum of 7 403 USD.

In January 2005 the specialists of the emergency department of the Kiev-Svyatoshino district in Kyiv applied to the Foundation. They asked to assist them in obtaining of the primary means of protection for medical personnel. Providing of the emergency first aid without any protection means is more frequent practiced in many first aid teams. The doctors are sure that stigmatization of HIV-positive people by care providers in many cases caused by the lack of protection means of the physicians.  In terms of the intensive transmitting of HIV epidemic, the doctors are forced to treat each patient as HIV-infected before they will not be assured in reverse. The effectiveness of rendering medical aid falls in terms of the absence of access to postcontact prophylaxis and elementary means of protection.

In order to diminish the stigma of HIV-infected people by care providers ANTIAIDS Foundation procured and passed as the charitable help to the emergency department of Kiev-Svyatoshino district station disposable syringes (20 000), gloves (1 000), packages for maternity patients (50) as well as intravenous line sets, bandages and gauze.  According to the doctors’ estimations this will be enough for 3-4 months.

In May 2005 on the eve of the International Candlelight Memorial Day the founder of ANTIAIDS Foundation Elena Pinchuk visited AIDS department of infectious hospital of epidemiology and infectious diseases institute named after L.V. Gromashevsky where people all over Ukraine obtain ARV treatment. Many of those treated in Lavra (that’s how AIDS department is called by doctors and HIV-positive people) spent in the hospital from several days to several months. Some people who have lost their hope for surviving were returned to life precisely by the professionals of that clinic.

Recently in AIDS department the place for two additional chambers was found. This provides to increase the number of places in the hospital from 20 to 26. However there were no means in the budget of the hospital to procure the furniture and expendable inventory and it wasn’t anticipated soon as well. ANTIAIDS Foundation procured and passed as charitable help to AIDS department of infectious hospital of epidemiology and infectious diseases institute furniture for 2 new chambers, which were just opened for additional hospitalization of people.  The Foundation obtained for the hospital expandable inventory such as (blankets, pillows, mattresses, sheet and so on), required for providing new accommodation-places. The doctors were exulted by the ambulatory installation for germicidal lamps bought by the Foundation. The previous installation used before in the department appeared here in 1952.

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