3 December, 2015 16:46

New Year Charity Project Dreams Come True Has Started

On December, 3-rd, Elena Pinchuk ANTIAIDS Foundation has started a new stage of the Dreams Come True project. This project gives chances to ordinary Ukrainians to fulfil dreams of HIV-positive children. More than 1500 wishes from kids of all Ukrainian regions can be found on mrii.in.ua web site.
New Year Charity Project Dreams Come True Has Started / Elena Pinchuk Foundation

Often HIV-positive children live in one-parent low-income families, raised by grandmothers or in orphanages. This explains the fact that children want to get the simplest things as presents, such as warm clothes, footwear, personal care items, bedclothes, and toys.

Olga Rudneva, Executive Director of Elena Pinchuk ANTIAIDS Foundation: “The Dreams Come True project is dearest to our heart, it’s always full of miracles and it unites everyone: kids, parents, every our employee, social workers from all over Ukraine, and people who care. And now, for the fifth year in a row, strangers from the Internet will fulfil dreams of thousands of children affected by AIDS epidemic. And this year it is going to happen again. All children’ dreams have been collected and now waiting for their Santa Clauses on mrii.in.ua site.”

To make a dream come true, “Santa Clause” should buy a present and send it to directly to the child or transfer a donation, in this case a social worker will buy a present and deliver it to the kid.

This year Novy channel TV channel became a partner of the Dreams Come True project. The channel team has created a new social ad encouraging people to participate in the project and to make the New Year dreams of HIV-positive children come true. The video clip will be broadcasted on Novy channel, STB, ICTV, М1 and М2 channels.

Every year the number of children participating in the project increases. This year 400 new kids were added to the list. As a rule, “Santa Clauses” can start their work of fulfilling the dreams at the beginning of December and until Christmas, but some regular participants started the process much earlier – the moment when the first dreams were published at the web site.

Dreams Come True is Elena Pinchuk ANTIAIDS Foundation project, which makes the dreams of HIV-positive children become real. Since the project was launched in 2011, 4000 children’s wishes came true, and the presents for the total cost of 3 million hryvnas were delivered all over Ukraine. 4800 sponsors participated in the project.

The project also allowed to dream not only toys and similar items, but to submit something very special. There was a meeting with young singers Borisenko brothers in dolphinarium. A girl got a designer dress from Aleksei Zalevskii. A guitar with the signatures of Fabryka Zirok (Stars Factory) TV show participants presented by Novy channel channel has found its owner in Melitopol. Vlad Yama, a popular Ukrainian dancer, met his six-year old admirer. A happy football fan got the autograph of Andrii Shevchenko, and one hockey team players have sent a form, scarfs and other team attributes to their fan along with their autographs.

During these years the project had different partners including Coca-Cola and Kyivstar companies, Kredit Dnepr bank, ЕХ.UA, Megogo, and Advideo portals, Milk Branding creative agency, Pronto Film and Cinnamon production studios, and Evgenii Bednenko, the composer. The project’s media partners were represented by ICTV, STB, QTV, Novy channel, and М1 channels, Melodia, Russkoe Radio Ukraine, KISS FM and Hit FM radio stations.

For detailed information, please, contact Pavel Piminov, Communications Director, Elena Pinchuk ANTIAIDS Foundation: +380 44 490 4805, P.Piminov@antiaids.org.



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