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OHMATDET reloaded

The treatment center for children with HIV-infection and AIDS, which is situated in capital OHMATDET, the main clinic of Ukraine, received a rare present. The Medical Information System MCMED was installed in the main children clinic of Ukraine, oriented on HIV-infection, thanks to Elena Pinchuk ANTIAIDS Foundation and UkrSibbank. It combines a general secure database of patients of the medical center, conducting electronic case history inpatient and clinic, as well as its long-term storage. Eventually, these changes will prolong life and improve health of HIV-positive children and doctors’ job will become easier and more efficient.
OHMATDET reloaded / Elena Pinchuk Foundation

The work of physicians will reduce the amount of paper writings thanks to this technological revolution and doctors will be able to spend more time with their young patients. In addition, the new software will improve and simplify the administration of the clinic, systematic monitoring and assessment of the health of HIV-positive children, planning and monitoring special anti-retroviral therapy for them, formation of analytical reports for each individual child through the clinic will be carried out.

The MCMED system is completely integrated into the structure of medical data processing approved by Ukrainian Ministry of Health. Ten special forms were developed in addition to standard reporting forms that are used in our country. They are used in hospitals that specialize in HIV/AIDS problems, for example, the State Service for HIV infection and AIDS in the Ukrainian and Kyiv Center for prevention and control of AIDS.

This is not the first charity project, which Elena Pinchuk ANTIAIDS Foundation holds for the main children's hospital for the treatment of HIV-infection and AIDS. In March 2009, the Foundation granted, as well as four other regional AIDS centers, first specialized vehicles to help HIV-positive children in Ukraine. Five mobile clinics started their work in the most affected HIV/AIDS regions in Ukraine. Thanks to this project thousands of HIV-positive children have regular access to skilled care of pediatricians and infectious disease specialists. The project covered 5500 children that were born from HIV-positive mothers, that is more than 70 percent of the Ukrainian children who are affected by HIV/AIDS and in need of constant attention of medical personnel.

The foundation constantly provides direct care for patients of the center and helps developing the material resources of the clinics.

On whole 2 669 of the 9 072 children, who were born from HIV-positive mothers, had a confirmed diagnosis and were at the dispensary registration in Ukraine by the 1st of July 2011. 17 132 new cases of HIV infection (among them 3 344 children under 14 years) were registered in Ukraine during the first 10 months in 2012. In total 219 919 new cases of HIV-infection (36 099 of them are children) were officially registered in Ukraine from 1987. From 1987 to October 2012 27 830 people died from the AIDS epidemic, among them 321 case of infant mortality.

The MCMED system (www.mcmed.ua) is a Medical Information System that is designed for complete automatization of processes in medical institutions, resource management and accounting in providing of medical services. Such tasks asaccounting of an inpatient EMR, ambulatory patients and ambulance calls, laboratory and diagnostic studies, the formation of statistical reporting, monitoring of the implementation of medical prescriptions, storing images of diagnostic tests on a separate PACS-server, automated filling of logs according to the Ministry of Health; record keeping of medicines and supplies, analysis provided to patients services; regulated selective user access to sensitive information are solved with MCMED.

Clinic OKHMATDET is the leading children's hospital in Ukraine and includes 52 departments. One of them is the clinic for the treatment of children with HIV-AIDS, which is headed by the main "mother" of all HIV-positive children in Ukraine - Svitlana Komar. The main purpose of the clinic is to provide medical assistance to the most complicated and difficult HIV-positive children and their mothers from all regions of Ukraine.

UkrSibbank BNP Paribas Group was founded in 1990 in Kharkiv. The main shareholder is the International Group UkrSibbank BNP Paribas (84,99% of the shares) and 15% is owned by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD). UkrSibbank has the fourth largest regional network - about 600 departments in Ukraine. ATM network - more than 1600 ATMs - the third largest in the country. UkrSibbank serves almost 2 million customers today.

In solidarity against HIV/AIDS UkrSibbank, for several years, directs its efforts to prevent the global spread of HIV/AIDS and to form a tolerant attitude towards people living with this diagnosis. HIV/AIDS prevention programs operate in UkrSibbank since 2009. During that period of time a special distance learning course on "HIV / AIDS" was developed for all bank employees. This year development of a "policy of the bank in relation to HIV” has started. In addition to the distance course for the employees of the bank, a special page on the educational website was also created. There anyone can always find current information on Statistics in Ukraine, links to related sites, virtual office and national hotline on HIV/AIDS.

The ANTIAIDS Foundation (www.antiaids.org) was founded by Elena Pinchuk in 2003 and is the first and the only privately funded anti-AIDS charity in Ukraine. The foundation aims to operate on all levels - from national projects to direct support to individuals affected by the HIV epidemic. The Foundation is known for implementing innovative and interactive projects using web-technologies.

Over the nine years of its work foundation deals with HIV/AIDS prevention and assistance people living with HIV/AIDS. The Foundation strives to work at all levels, from national projects to direct help for people affected by the AIDS epidemic. The Foundation also regularly provides assistance to orphanages, where HIV-positive children live, and hospitals. The Foundation initiated mobile clinics to help HIV-positive children living in remote regions of Ukraine. Elena Pinchuk "ANTIAIDS" Foundation develops and implements social preventive and educational programs aimed at young people. Among them are the projects for homeless girls and young women who are vulnerable to the HIV infection (jointly with Elton John AIDS Foundation). Foundation also implements innovative interactive projects using web-technologies: social service maps.in.ua with Google, online auction "Stars for sale" with Korrespondent.net, Fashion AID, the joint project with the Coca-Cola Foundation - Safe Connection.

For detailed information, please, contact Pavel Piminov, Communications Director, Elena Pinchuk ANTIAIDS Foundation: +380 44 490 4805, [email protected].

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