17 November, 2014 14:46

Medsanbat project to raise donations for 100 Military medical bags of NATO standard

A project started on Ukrainian Philanthropic Marketplace that will help to raise charitable donations for 100 medic bags equipped according to NATO standards. These bags will help medics provide fast and effective care to the injured soldiers on the battlefield. They will be issued to doctors who will take full training of Elena and Viktor Pinchuk Medsanbat project and will be deployed for service in the combat zone. More than 300 people made charitable donations on the UPM in the first five days with the sum total of almost USD 3 260 (UAH 50 000).
Medsanbat project to raise donations for 100 Military medical bags of NATO standard / Elena Pinchuk Foundation
Author: Pavel Zmiy | Medsanbat

Combat Medic Bag Level II, equipped according to NATO standards performs the same functions as the medical bag that the Medsanbat students going into the combat zone were receiving. But its equipment, light weight and mobility will enable combat medics to provide first aid in combat conditions in more operative fashion. It is of critical importance because of the difficulties and major risk that is associated with evacuation of the injured from the battlefield sometimes hospital medical care is delayed to 12 hours instead of the required 60 minutes. In such conditions providing qualified and timely care in the hot zone is the key factor that influences survivability in combat conditions.

As the Level II Bag is twice cheaper than Level III Bag it is possible to provide medical equipment and drugs to a higher number of doctors. And it means saving lives of a higher number of soldiers, reduce number of amputations and disabilities in emergency situations.

To support this project you have to visit www.ubb.org.ua website and choose the way of donating that will be the most convenient to you – one of the many offered on UPM platform.

Ukrainian Philanthropic Marketplace is the first Ukrainian independent nationwide social online charity infrastructure. Its goal is to create, support and develop an effective platform of interaction between donors, NGOs (aid operators) and aid receivers, thus strengthening the non-profit sector and charity in Ukraine. The project was initiated thank to grant of Viktor Pinchuk Foundation.

Elena and Viktor Pinchuk Medsanbat Project is a program of training for combat medics who are working in the ATO as parts of active military units. Foreign experts are teaching Ukrainian medics the modern principles of providing first aid on the battlefield and in emergency situations. All classes are done in situations as close to real combat situations as possible, with use of the state of art simulators and equipment. The main goal is to provide the best preparation for medics to provide the full scope of medical care till the patient is passed to a MFH or a static medical facility. More than 850 medics took the training since the beginning of the project.

For detailed information, please contact Pavel Piminov, Communications Director, Elena Pinchuk ANTIAIDS Foundation: +380 44 490 4805,P.Piminov@antiaids.org.

Руководитель проекта «Медсанбат» Ольга Руднева на Радио «Вести» (21.11.2014)

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