25 March, 2022 15:39

VAC-therapy in Kyiv hospitals

Elena Pinchuk Foundation purchases expensive VAC therapy devices for treatment of severe body lesions
VAC-therapy in Kyiv hospitals / Elena Pinchuk Foundation

VAC devices have been delivered to 17 clinical hospitals in Kyiv. Such devices were actively used in this hospital during the Revolution of Dignity, and now they are simply necessary during a full-scale war to help the wounded recover as soon as possible.

The VAC device quickly cleans the wound tissue in different parts of the body and accelerates wound healing with a vacuum system, sponge and sealant. Patients do not need to change ligaments daily or several times a day, as one bandage lasts for several days during VAC therapy. It does not cause the patient inconvenience and disease.

Vacuum therapy is one of the newest methods of wound healing. It is based on the positive effect on wound surface healing due to negative pressure, which increases blood flow to the wound, increases efficiency and size, creating a drainage effect that results in rapid healing, saves time and get the most treatment.

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