19 September, 2017 12:18

Book Kurazh Bazar gave way to sexual education

On September 16th and 17th at the first Book Kurazh Bazaar in the history of Ukraine organizers in partnership with the Olena Pinchuk ANTIAIDS Foundation, AHF Ukraine and NGO "Insight" presented an educational program that helped guests of Kurazh Bazar expand their understanding of sex and make it safer. In addition to the Book Kurazh Bazar program, within the framework of the Safe Connect project, the ANTIAIDS Foundation presented a number of informational and educational activities and even practical sessions on sex, sexual safety, HIV/AIDS prevention and sexually transmitted diseases.
Book Kurazh Bazar gave way to sexual education / Elena Pinchuk Foundation

Educational program "Sex from another planet" that was prepared by the Foundation’s partner NGO "Insight", attracted a lot of interest of Book Kurazh Bazar visitors. The participants of the lecture – discussion "Sexuality, Sexual Orientation and Sex" discussed what human sexuality is and why there is no such thing as traditional or non-traditional sexuality or sex. At the lecture – discussion "Sex outside the sex", guests of Book Kurazh Bazar discussed why sex is not necessarily a story about men and women. They dived into the queer-world, where woman and man are just a social construct, not the originally prescribed entities.

During two days an instant HIV testing room for HIV was operated with the support of AHF Ukraine in the Book Kurazh Bazar. Within just 15 minutes, everyone could have an anonymous and free HIV test done, as well as get counseling on safe sex and prevention of HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases.

The most popular event in the counseling zone traditionally was a practical master class by Valentin Bobruiko on the use of condoms. Attendees learned about different types of condoms, discussed the main problems and reasons for refusal to use them. They also revisited the algorithm of proper storage and use of condoms.

Each participant of the training received free condoms from the LOVE Condom special collectible series "Intellectual Rubber", which was produced by the ANTIAIDS Foundation directly for this project. It became a symbol of the intellectual attitude towards sexual relations and the safe sex problem.

On the second day of Book Kurazh Bazar, visitors were given the opportunity to touch upon the subject of AIDS in its most vulnerable and dramatic incarnation. Documentary show "Do not tell anyone" by Alik Sardanyan, director of the "Refugee Theater", produced with the support of Safe Connection project, is based on the real story of two HIV-positive teenagers – Yana and Danya. They were born with HIV. They are leading an open life today, they are also social activists. Together with other HIV-positive teens, they’ve created a youth organization Teenergizer that helps fight discrimination, protects teenagers’ rights, helps them in developing and discovering their creative potential. Yana and Danya agreed to take part in this documentary production, as main characters, and as actors.

In the framework of the "Adult Night", created by the founder of the Book Kurazh Bazar, book publisher Elena Lazutkina, master class “Real Sex” took place. It was organized by the sex blogger Julia Gaivoronskaya, the founder of the G-blog project and the owner of the sex – shop Gayvoronskaya.com. She introduced the world of sex toys, the latest gadgets for active sex, debunked myths about their addictive or harmful nature, helped to figure out lubricants and navigate through the maps of erogenous zones.

Traditionally at the Book Kurazh Bazar anyone could make a charitable donation to help children in need. Recognizable formats were used such as special stickers, stand #помогаюнакураже, cotton candy sales, charity lottery, and stand "Mariner".

NGO "Insight" is a Ukrainian LGBTQ-organization. Unlike most Ukrainian LGBT organizations focused on working with gay men, “Insight's” priority is to provide assistance to lesbians, bisexual women, transgender people, intersex and queer people. This is one of the few NGOs in Ukraine that works with transgender people. Main directions of its activity are promotion, protection and advocacy of LGBTQ human rights, human rights education and anti-discrimination, providing resources to initiative groups and individual activists, providing free social, legal and psychological services, as well as urgent assistance to LGBTQ-people in extreme situations; temporary shelter for LGBTKQ migrants from the ATO zone and Crimea, as well as to LGBTQ-people who were in difficult circumstances.

First in history Book Kurazh Bazar is a flea market with sellers of all kinds of merchandise from new books of contemporary Ukrainian authors and foreign literature published in the independent Ukraine to more than fifty thousand old and antique books. The official co-organizer of Book Kurazh Bazar is the book publisher Alena Lazutkina. She is known for several book projects such as "How to spend a million, which you don’t have, and other stories of a Jewish boy" by Garik Korogodsky, "Egg shells" by Elga Mira, "Ukrainian Modern Literature Month" event and presentation of the books by Frédéric Beigbeder, Paulo Coelho, Evgen Grishkovets and Maria Semenova.

For detailed information, please, contact Pavel Piminov, Communications Director, Olena Pinchuk Foundation: +380 44 490 4805, P.Piminov@antiaids.org.


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