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Kiev half-marathon 2017 – the second race to support mobile clinics for HIV-positive children

On April 9th, Elena Pinchuk ANTIAIDS Foundation will bring out famous Ukrainian TV anchors, journalists and public figures to the charity marathon to help raising funds for projects that help HIV-positive children by promoting an active lifestyle, for the second time. Fundraising marathon, that has already started on the Ukrainian Philanthropic Marketplace, will be completed with the seventh Kyiv half-marathon and it will be held in Kyiv next Sunday. Using social networks celebrities urged Ukrainians to come to the half-marathon, and make charitable donations by April, 12th to support the work of mobile clinics for HIV-positive children. In total, ANTIAIDS Foundation plans to attract about 60 thousand hryvnias during the marathon of 2017. This will ensure a month of active work of clinics in the three most affected regions of Ukraine.
Kiev half-marathon 2017 – the second race to support mobile clinics for HIV-positive children / Elena Pinchuk Foundation

In 2017, the team of the TV anchors Pavel Kazarin, Julia Zoriy and Anton Ravitsky from the "Morning in the Big City" show on ICTV channel, TV journalist Anna Ahava, journalist from Reuters Margarita Chornokondratenko, who has been participating in the charity marathon for the second consecutive year and media expert and former editor-in-chief of Korrespondent.net Julia McGuffie took part in the Miles of Grace project. In addition, the project was supported by one of the most famous Ukrainian activists in the fight against AIDS – the Head of the Coordination Council of the All-Ukrainian Network of People Living with HIV, Dmitry Sherembey.

They appealed to their subscribers via social networks with a request to support their initiative to help develop the Mobile clinics project. To do this, just go to the website ubb.org.ua and make a donation by selecting one of the famous people who joined the charity marathon. Make your donation on the UBB website before April, 12th. On April, 9th the participants of the project will run the half – marathon. Most of them have chosen distances between 2 and 10 kilometers – depending their fitness level and the time allocated for training.

All funds collected during the charity marathon will be directed to expand the participation of doctors and social workers in the work of mobile clinics, to purchase supplies needed for their work in the regions.

Mobile clinics for HIV-positive children have been operating in Ukraine for more than 7 years. Because of them, children diagnosed with HIV/AIDS from small towns and villages have access to quality medical care. Doctors and social workers from large cities deliver medications and antiretroviral therapy to remote regions of Ukraine, most affected by the HIV/AIDS epidemic, on the regular basis. This project provides access to quality medical care for low-income families, helps establish communication between doctors from the capital and regional centers with regional hospitals and specialists, significantly increases the number of patients who can get tested and observed, and whose families can receive counseling. It also provides an opportunity to train doctors and create patient databases in the regions where these clinics operate.

The marathon to collect donations for mobile clinics will be held within the framework of the Safe Connection project of the Elena Pinchuk ANTIAIDS Foundation supported by the Coca-Cola Foundation.

10 charitable foundations are taking part in the fundraising program of the Kyiv half-marathon. They’ve brought in more than 70 famous people of Ukraine to the fundraising.

Mobile clinics for HIV-positive children

In March 2009, mobile clinics went to five regions of Ukraine to provide medical care to HIV-positive children. These clinics were purchased and equipped with the help of the funds raised during the charity auction organized by Elena Pinchuk ANTIAIDS Foundation. The work of mobile clinics, which provided regular access to quality medical care for children and their parents in the most remote areas, was continuously supported by the Foundation for seven years. Unfortunately, mobile clinics in Donetsk and Crimea are no longer part of the project, but the teams of doctors in Mykolaiv, Dnepropetrovsk and Kiev are still in need of funding, and thousands of their patients are in need of the vital care.

Each mobile clinic is equipped with portable equipment and expendables needed for primary diagnosis, blood sampling, and medical care. In addition, the teams of doctors carry out preventive work with HIV-positive pregnant women, train doctors who work in anonymous stations to use algorithms to identify and support patients with HIV-positive status. Social workers and psychologists, who are also part of the mobile medical teams, work on the prevention of refusals and adherence to treatment, provide psychological support and social support to families in which HIV-positive children are raised.

Thousands of HIV-positive children received regular access to qualified care of pediatricians and infectious disease specialists because of the mobile clinics. In total, the project covered 5,5 thousand children born from HIV-positive mothers. More than 70% of Ukrainian kids affected by the HIV/AIDS epidemic and in need of constant attention of physicians.

Mobile clinics were purchased and equipped using funds raised at the charity auction AIDS Army Fashion, which was organized by Elena Pinchuk ANTIAIDS Foundation. On November 29th, 2008 580 thousand dollars for were raised for this project.

History of the Miles of Grace project

In 2016, Ukrainian celebrities, public figures and business representatives took part in collecting donations for mobile clinics: TV and radio anchor Vasilisa Frolova; Olympic Champion, World and European Champion in gymnastics Liliya Podkopayeva; MP of Ukraine Boryslav Bereza; Representative of the President of Ukraine on the children’s rights Nikolai Kuleba; designer Jean Gritsfeldt; journalists Margarita Chornokondratenko (Reuters), Anastasia Koshman (New Channel) and Anna Ahava (ICTV); Olga Rudneva (director of the Elena Pinchuk ANTIAIDS Foundation), a team of World and European boxing champions SpartaBox; a team of the modern Japanese cuisine chain restaurant "Sushiya".

The total amount of charitable donations that were collected for mobile clinics during the Kiev half-marathon was 250 thousand hryvnias thanks to the participation of Ukrainian celebrities.

The participation of Vasilisa Frolova and Liliya Podkopaeva in this project was especially symbolic, as they were among those Ukrainian celebrities who didn’t just participated in the presentation of mobile clinics in Mikhailovskaya Square in Kiev in 2009, but also went with doctors to the regions to take part in the ceremony of transferring equipped medical vehicles to the regional AIDS Centers – Vasilisa in Nikolaev, and Lilia in Donetsk.

The project was launched in partnership with the ICTV channel and with the support of the Coca-Cola Foundation. Special section Miles of Grace appeared in the morning TV show "Morning in the Big City".

The Ukrainian Philanthropic Marketplace (www.ubb.org.ua) is Ukraine's first independent nationwide social online philanthropy infrastructure. Its goal is to create, maintain and develop an effective platform for interaction between donors, public organizations (aid operators) and beneficiaries, thereby strengthening the non-profit sector and charity in Ukraine. The project was initiated by the grant from the Victor Pinchuk Foundation.

Kiev Half-Marathon (www.kyivhalfmarathon.org). These annual competitions are held to popularize public racing events in Ukraine, as well as to promote healthy lifestyles, develop public sports and integrate Ukraine into the world marathon movement. For the third year in a row, the half-marathon has been attracting charity foundations to cooperate in order to draw society’s attention to the actual humanitarian problems and help solve them.

For detailed information, please, contact Pavel Piminov, Communications Director, Olena Pinchuk ANTIAIDS Foundation: +380 44 490 4805, P.Piminov@antiaids.org.


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