26 March, 2018 11:38

TV Anchor Slava Frolova told her success story to the young women from Lviv

On March 22, a meeting of the "I Can!" project mentor Slava Frolova with young women from Lviv who are looking to build a successful career and gain new opportunities for professional development took place in the Lviv coworking ITEAHub.
TV Anchor Slava Frolova told her success story to the young women from Lviv / Elena Pinchuk Foundation
Author: Катерина Птаха

Slava called her speech "Act! On Victory, Fall, Freezing up, and Jump!" and it was devoted to the women’s role in the society and the opportunities that modern young women have in overcoming barriers and becoming successful in any area of life - business, art, politics or social activity . Slava also told participants about mistakes she made in life and her experience in correcting them.

Slava Frolova: "Thank you to the project #язможу for prompting women to look for answers to the questions that were locked away from them by parents, husband, society or themselves. The fear of admitting to myself that I and only I am capable of, worthy of and chosen to accomplish big things, freezes up the majority of Ukrainian women and deprives them of their own path and happiness."

The meeting with the mentor of the "I Can!" project lasted for 2.5 hours and 150 young women participated in it.

Slava Frolova – a well-known TV anchor, the jury's member of the talent show and the founder of the cultural-social project "Art-Picnic" Foundation that supports and develops the young art of Ukraine.

The project "I Can!" (ican.org.ua) is designed to enable women who became famous through their successful work in politics, business, fashion, social and charity projects are ready to share their success stories and achievements, and support young women who are just beginning their journey. To join the project, you need to go to the website ican.org.ua and apply to be able to invite project speakers to Ukrainian schools and universities or send a request for mentorship.

For detailed information, please, contact Pavel Piminov, Communications Director, Elena Pinchuk Foundation: +380 44 490 4805, [email protected].

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