Global Business Coalition on HIV/AIDS

Global Business Coalition on HIV/AIDS is the pre-eminent business organization leading the business fight against HIV/AIDS. Over 170 leading international companies are members of the GBC and are committed to harnessing the power of the international business community to fight the AIDS pandemic.
The GBC’s goal is to increase the range and quality of business sector AIDS programs, – both in the workplace and broader community. The GBC identifies new opportunities for businesses, supports the development of AIDS strategies by individual companies and encourages governments, the international community and the non-governmental sector to partner with the business sector. Member companies participate in the work of the GBC in the ways that best suits them, from membership of project working groups, to providing advice on relevant international issues of importance to business, or by simply adding the force of their reputation and reach to our work. As of January, 2005 Ukrainian companies RKS and Interpipe corporation are the members of GBC.

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