12 March, 2017 16:23

“Inspire. Support. Give equal opportunities” project will help girls become successful in Ukraine

Elena Pinchuk ANTIAIDS Foundation together with the Coca-Cola Foundation is launching a project aimed at supporting teenage girls and establishing communication between successful women and girls dreaming of self-development and access to good education. The project will bring together well-known women that will provide schoolgirls and female students with real life examples of designing a future model and becoming successful in business, politics, art, show business, and social or charity projects. More than 15 thousand girls from 100 schools and universities from all over the country will participate in the project. Helping them find their true selves is helping the whole society become healthier and more harmonious.
“Inspire. Support. Give equal opportunities” project will help girls become successful in Ukraine / Elena Pinchuk ANTIAIDS Foundation

This program will form a part of the Safe Connection project that Elena Pinchuk ANTIAIDS Foundation implementing together with the Coca-Cola Foundation since 2011.

The core group will comprise successful women who had started with minimal opportunities and succeeded in various professional spheres of activity. They will be supported by men who believe that women are the main and the most important driving force of any community. Using various studies of the role of women and gender problems in Ukraine, the project initiators will conduct master classes for 14-16-year-old girls on the art of presentation, informational research, networking and other skills. Each female leader will visit at least one school during 2017 to deliver speech about her success and set an inspirational example for the young audience. These speeches will be recorded and videos will be uploaded to the safeconnection.org website to reach out to the bigger audience of boys and girls from various regions of Ukraine. Speakers will make short videos talking about ways to become self-sufficient and successful. Every school will have a chance to apply and invite a selected speaker.

The project will continue into a mentorship program open to female students who are ready to take independent actions to build their careers. They will have an opportunity to participate in so called “shadow program” with a selected mentor and spend a whole day with her following all her activities and meetings.

This project will result in the creation of a team of young female trainers who will be able to continue the project work in their communities empowering girls and helping them to choose a right role model. Establishing links between the participants, improving their communication and presentation skills and development of an active group of women who are ready to work with teenagers is a model capable of forming positive motivation for future leaders to shape their destinies and become successful. In addition, it will change the society itself so that it sees women as active, equal and independent personalities who deserve respect and support.

Gender equality problems in Ukraine

It is a proven fact that women are change agents of societies. If a state can ensure them access to good education and decent jobs, prevent teenage pregnancies and domestic violence, the number of women below the poverty line and vulnerable to HIV and other socially dangerous infections decreases.

A number of gender studies found that women in Ukraine are subject to discrimination in pay, access to resources and opportunities.

55% of Ukrainians believe that big businesses have to be headed by men and only 65% believe that women can lead big companies (Institute of Sociology of Ukraine).

Men usually earn 45% more than women doing the same work (Global Gender Gap Report 2015, World Economic Forum).

69% of men in Ukraine think that taking care of a household is a way of personal fulfillment just like having a job (United Nations Fund for Population Activities in Ukraine).

Only 14% of Ukrainian women have education and qualifications required to compete with men for top positions.

76% think that it’s a man who is the head of a family (Analytical Centre RATING Pro).

59% of Ukrainians believe that it’s a female responsibility to take care of the children.

Only 22% of Ukrainian men are ready to share household chores with a woman (Project of United Nations Fund for Population Activities in Ukraine).

70% of Ukrainians believe that men should be paid better than women (Analytical Centre RATING Pro).

For detailed information, please, contact Pavel Piminov, Communications Director, Elena Pinchuk ANTIAIDS Foundation: +380 44 490 4805, P.Piminov@antiaids.org.

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