6 December, 2017 12:39

The Elena Pinchuk Foundation expanded the scope of activities

Today, December 6th, the Elena Pinchuk Foundation announced that the fight against AIDS will no longer be the only direction of its activities. In light of this change, the word “ANTIAIDS” will no longer be the part of the name of the organization. Nevertheless, battling HIV/AIDS epidemic will remain one of the priority issues of the Foundation. The main areas of focus will be the fight against AIDS and a healthy lifestyle; mentorial and educational projects aimed at young girls and women; attracting the best international experience in the humanitarian sphere to Ukraine.
The Elena Pinchuk Foundation expanded the scope of activities / Elena Pinchuk Foundation

This statement was logical continuation of the changes that took place during the 14 years that the Elena Pinchuk Foundation has been operating. Having started its work as the only privately funded anti-AIDS organization in Ukraine, the Foundation was ready to respond to challenges and problems that arose in the society. While maintaining its competence in the field of health care, the Foundation has implemented several large projects that were implemented simultaneously. Among them, for instance, is Victor and Elena Pinchuk's "Medsanbat" project devoted to tactical medicine and training of military doctors. Thanks to this project, thousands of Ukrainian soldiers survived on the battlefield and remained healthy. Also, the Safe Connection project, dedicated to an active and healthy lifestyle.

But the project "I Can!" became the key point in the new history of the Foundation. In the framework of this project, successful women leaders will share their experiences and knowledge with young women who are eager to develop and succeed in their professions. By inspiring Ukrainian women and helping them become successful in Ukraine, the project's founders plan to influence the development of the entire society. The project is being implemented through partnership with the Coca-Cola Foundation.

During 14 years of its existence, the Elena Pinchuk Foundation spent about 20 million dollars implementing charitable projects in Ukraine.

The changes will affect the issues that the Foundation is working on and the principles of the communication with the outside world. The logo of the Foundation and its visual style will change. But the major transformations will take place in the digital communication field – all the Foundation’s Facebook pages will be integrated into a single channel of communication with different audiences. Flexible rubric and specific content will help maintain precise targeting and at the same time enhance the synergy effect of various projects of the Foundation within the framework of the overall communication strategy.

For detailed information, please, contact Pavel Piminov, Communications Director, Elena Pinchuk Foundation: +380 44 490 4805, P.Piminov@antiaids.org.

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