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Media campaigns

One of the main directions of the Foundation work - is conducting awareness campaigns in media.

The priority task formulated in the beginning of the Foundation work was to change attitude of Ukrainians towards HIV/AIDS. The main message of the first wave of our media campaign was: HIV/AIDS concerns everybody. The campaign was launched in November, 2003 and targeted at general population. In 2004 the series of campaigns aimed to reach different target groups were developed and launched in media. The main priority group was young people. 2005 was the year when we started our Safe Sex campaign on TV, which consisted of two PSAs. "Walking little man" stepped on TV screens to prevent drug use in 2006. One of the biggest public and media events was charitable concert of Sir Elton John in Kiev in June, 2007 organized to attract attention of Ukrainians towards HIV/AIDS. The concert was conducted in frames of the new campaign "On the edge".

"Battle for the Future" event and the presidential speech of the 42nd President of the USA Bill Clinton

On October, 3 Bill Clinton - the 42nd President of the USA and the current humanitarian leader visited Kiev on invitation of Elena Pinchuk ANTIAIDS Foundation. He delivered a speech devoted to the fight against AIDS at Mykhailivska square in frames of the "Battle for the Future" event. He was supported by the famous Ukrainian celebrities - Ani Lorak, Irina Bilyk, Aleksandr Ponomaryov, Jamala, Tina Karol, Natalya Mogilevskaya and Star Factory - 3 participants. This event was live broadcasted by the Noviy Channel.

The pictures from this event can be found at our site.

Live TV programm before the presidential speech:

Episode 1 - AIDS in Ukraine: intro
Episode 2 - Rapid testing
Episode 3 - Substitution Therapy
Episode 4 - Mentoring for doctors
Episode 5 - Life story: before and after

We are, what we put on! Joint project with Kozyrna Karta Restaurant Network

The main idea of the TVC is based on motivating clients of the largest Ukrainian restaurant network Kozyrna Karta to express their individuality. In order to do that they were offered a catalog from which they could choose and order creative t-shirts on the theme of Safe Sex, that would reflect their own life principles. They could also create their own t-shirts that would remind young people about the necessity to protect themselves from HIV/AIDS.

This t-shirt collection which was created by Elena Pinchuk ANTIAIDS Foundation and Kozyrna Karta restaurant network was named "We are, what we are put on!". Any t-shirt was available for sale right in one of the Kozyrna Karta restaurants or on the website www.fashion-aid.in.ua. All the funds raised were used to purchase materials required for the safe handling of blood - something that Ukrainian hospitals are in a real need of.

Life must go on! Media campaign before charitable Queen + Paul Rodgers concert in Kharkov's Freedom Square

Ushering in the start of their massive European tour Queen + Paul Rodgers made a mighty impact on September,12 2008 with a special one-off concert to support Elena Pinchuk ANTIAIDS Foundation' informative campaign in Ukraine.

Playing an awareness-raising outdoor concert in Kharkov's Freedom Square, the second largest Square in Europe, at the event organized by the Elena Pinchuk ANTIAIDS Foundation and supported by Queens' own HIV/AIDS charity, The Mercury Phoenix Trust, the show by Queen + Paul Rodgers attracted more than 350,000 to see the overture concert for its 33-city tour of Europe and immediately entered the record books as the biggest charity event devoted to the fight against AIDS in Ukraine.

Several days before the concert and at the day of the concert at the Freedom Square 210 volunteers of ANTIAIDS Foundation distributed more than 60 000 condoms and 146 000 flyers with the information about HIV/AIDS, the ways of transmission and protection, centers of HIV testing in Kharkov.

Concert was the first event of the new wave of the informative campaign in the context of the project "On The Edge!" which will be started by Elena Pinchuk ANTIAIDS Foundation on September, 13 on national TV. 

Renewed photo report from the concert is at www.lifemustgoon.net/press/gallery.

All information about concert is at www.lifemustgoon.net.

AIDS is closer than you think
Media: ICTV, Novy, STB, 1, QTV
Target audience: population at the age of 14-25 years
Versions of the PSA's: 40''

New social Chain PSA of Elena Pinchuk ANTIAIDS Foundation presented on December,6 2009 on Novy TV channel during gala-concert of the most popular TV show of this season - "Star factory 3". The same day and the same show the special song was aired live. It was performed by Factory' participants and a guest of the Star' house - HIV-positive young man. By ANTIAIDS Foundation' request he was staying at the Star House together with its inhabitants. Chain PSA and presence of a special guest inspired project' participants and music producer of "Star Factory 3" Konstantyn Meladze to create and perform a single. 

Chain PSA can be downloaded here.

Photo report from the concert is here.

Audio and video can be downloaded here.

Condom is your elastic armor!
Media: ICTV, Novy, STB, M1, Odessa Satellite Channel, Kiev City Subway
Target audience: women at the age of 15-30 years
Versions of the PSA's: 30'', 20"

On May, 17 2009, at the International Candlelight Memorial Day Elena Pinchuk ANTIAIDS Foundation has launched new wave of media campaign. It aims to remind about safe and simple protective mean against HIV/AIDS - condom. It is 16th social PSA produced by the ANTIAIDS Foundation that appeared on the air of national TV channels since the foundation was established in 2003. According to the expert estimations, total media budget of the foundation' campaigns in media exceeded 50 million USD (in real market prices).

How do you say it?
Media: ICTV, Novy, STB, M1
Target audience: women at the age of 15-30 years
Versions of the PSA's: 20'', 2 x 30''
To put on a condom only takes a few seconds
Media: national TV channels - ICTV, Novy, STB, M1
Target audience: population at the age of 14-25 years
Versions of the PSA's: 30''
World AIDS Day in Kiev Universities (2007)
Media: set of three pocket calendars, special designed pack for the Contex & Durex condoms, A2 posters, information flyers DL, mobile's stickers
Target audience: students of 11 Kiev's institutes
To be prevented is to be protected. Elena Pinchuk ANTIAIDS Foundation and student parliaments of Kiev Universities two years in a row strive for Kiev students’ protection. If last year only three Universities took part in the student project, in 2007 year already eleven Universities conducted HIV testing, put up posters with the social advertising, disseminated informative flayers, pocket calendars, bangles, stickers for cell phones and even condoms in the “antiaids design” wrapping. Students of Institute of International Relationships named after T. Shevchenko (IIR) were the most enthusiastic – they invited for the meeting not only experts, but presenters of the M1 Channel, and one more – they got from the ANTIAIDS Foundation a customized packages for condoms. Altogether there were more than 16 thousands participants of the action devoted to the World AIDS Day.
TV marathon "On The Edge!" before charitable Elton John concert on Maidan Nezalejnosti
Media: Novy Channel
On June, 16 in the context of the informative and educational program “On The Edge” the world-famous composer and singer Sir Elton John gave the free charitable concert organized by ANTIAIDS Foundation. It took place on Maidan Nezalejnosti and broadcasted live on the “New Channel”. There was TV marathon on the channel before the concert. Ukrainian celebrities took part in it and demonstrated their active social position in the fight against AIDS. “New Channel” with Elena Pinchuk ANTIAIDS Foundation and Elton John AIDS Foundation assistance told to the TV audience about HIV/AIDS threat and its terrible consequences through the movie-stories of HIV-positive people and films devoted to the HIV/AIDS epidemic spreading in Ukraine.
On the edge!
Media: national TV channels - ICTV, Novy, STB, M1
Target audience: general population at the age of 14-45 years
Versions of the PSA's: 30''
BTL: action during the Elton John concert
In May, 2007 Elena Pinchuk ANTIAIDS Foundation launched the new scale informative and educational program “On The Edge” on national TV channels. This campaign is an attempt to say every Ukrainian that he is able to stop the epidemic carrying about own safety and protection. In the context of this campaign world-famous composer and singer Sir Elton John gave the free charitable concert on June, 16 in Kiev. The concert took place on Maidan Nezalejnosty and broadcasted live on the “New Channel”. Over 200 000 people came out to see the grandiose show that day.
World AIDS day in NUMA and NAU (2006)
The students of Kiev-Mogila Academy and National Aviation University marked the World AIDS day with great dispatch. During the event "Get tested in your University", organized by the Youth Center "Socium XXI", many of them detected their HIV status. Everyone, who passed the test, got funny souvenirs from the Elena Pinchuk ANTIAIDS Foundation – trade pocket calendars and a condom in stylish "ANTIAIDS" packing. The photo exhibition, prepared by ANTIAIDS Foundation was exhibited for the whole day in both Universities. It was dedicated to HIV positive children and children with AIDS from the Makeyevka’s specialized orphanage. The students raised 176 USD for seven children, who had been taken from the orphanage in two foster families. ANTIAIDS Foundation has doubled this sum and sent it to the foster families to buy the most needed things.
World AIDS Day in the Institute of International Relationship named after T. Shevchenko (2006)
Media: set of three pocket calendars, special designed pack for the "Contex" condoms, doll Vasilisa
Target audience: students of Institute of International Relationshipd named after T. Shevchenko
What is safe sex about? What is the truth and what is the lie in common view to HIV/AIDS? What do the students think about that? On December 1, 2006, on World AIDS Day, students of Institute of International Relationship named after T. Shevchenko talked about all that with the newsmakers of the youth musical TV channel M1, Vasya Frolova and Dmitriy Shepelev. This meeting, initiated by students themselves and Charity Department of the University, Youth UNESCO Foundation and Elena Pinchuk ANTIAIDS Foundation, demonstrated how to talk about serious things with humor and drive. It works much better than mournful lectures!
Campaign on prophylaxis of HIV-contamination at the injecting drug usage
Media: ICTV, Novy, STB, 1, 11 channel (regional)
Target audience: general population (age 14-45 years old)
Versions of the PSA's: 20"
Why don't cartoon men have AIDS? Because they are just "actors" of the new social TV spot of Elena Pinchuk ANTIAIDS Foundation. In the real life, injecting drug usage is the shortest way to AIDS. New informational campaign of ANTIAIDS Foundation is about it. The campaign, directed to the prophylaxis of the new cases of HIV via drug use, started on the national and regional TV channels in July 17, 2006.
13.06.2006 - 31.12.2007
Project for The Ministry of defence
Safe sex campaign - 2
Media: national TV channels - Inter, ICTV, Novy channel, STB, 1
Target audience: women aging from 15 to 30, men aging from 15 to 30
Versions of the PSA's: 30", 15"
On 1st of December 2005 new safe sex media campaign of Elena Pinchuk ANTIAIDS Foundation, dedicated to safe sex promotion, started on the national TV. The campaign was dated for World AIDS Day and continues Foundation efforts on promotion of safe behavior model among youth. The target group of the campaign is youth, the most vulnerable part of the population.
Campaign supporting people, living with HIV/AIDS
Media: national TV channels - Inter, ICTV, Novy channel, STB, 1
Target audience: general population (age 14-45 years old)
Versions of the PSA's: 30"
On April 11th, 2005 Elena Pinchuk ANTIAIDS Foundation have launched on the national television media campaign to support people living with HIV/AIDS. Discrimination and rights violation, rejection and fear – this is what usually get those who is seeking for our understanding and support. The primary aim of the campaign created by ANTIAIDS Foundation is to change the emotional background in attitude towards people, living with HIV/AIDS. The campaign is developed in cooperation with All-Ukrainian Network of people living with HIV.
16.07.2004 - 30.09.2004
Safe sex campaign
Media: national TV channels - Inter, STB, ICTV, Novy channel and M1
Target audience: women aging from 15 to 30, general population aging from 14 to 45
Versions of the PSA's: 30", 20"
On July, 16th, 2004 XV international conference on AIDS in Thailand was closed. After the end of the conference, WHO, UNAIDS and UNFPA have made the position statement as for the critical necessity to intensify promotion of the condom use and improving access to condoms. The same day the leading national TV channels of Ukraine: Inter, ICTV, Novy channel, STB and M1 launched the second wave of media campaign “Let’s stop AIDS!”. The campaign developed by Elena Pinchuk ANTIAIDS Foundation, is directed on safe sex promotion among youth.
01.12.2003 - 30.09.2004
Best Sex: It's simple. Use a condom
Media: 3 posters and coasters for cafes, discos and night clubs, 2 posters to distribute through public organizations network
Target audience: clubbing youth aging from 14 to 23
Geography: Kiev, Dnepropetrovsk, Donetsk, Luhansk, Odessa, Simseropol, Kherson, Zhytomyr, Rovno, Lvov, Uzhgorod, Chernovtsy, Khmelnitskiy
"Best Sex: It's simple. Use a condom" series speak the language of the most at risk population. This poster campaign was created with its audience in mind as it is emotional, interesting, funny and strikingly explicit. The series of posters "Best Sex: It's simple. Use a condom" gained international recognition. The works provoked a huge response among Ukraines young people and strengthened their position by appearing in Lürzer's ARCHIVE, a collection of the best ideas from all over the world.
01.08.2004 - 31.08.2004
Safe vacation or Dr. Panatseyko Resort show
Media: accommodation seats, coupe or SV wagons, wagons of high-speed trains in south direction
Target audience: people on vacation traveling to south by Ukrzaliynitsa trains
What can be better than vacation! Only safe vacation! The vacation you will return from rested and healthy. To tell the travelers how to avoid contracting HIV during summer holidays is the main purpose of the Elena Pinchuk ANTIAIDS Foundation “Safe vacation” project, launched in August, 2004 in partnership with the State Railway Administration Ukrzaliznytsa.
World AIDS Day on M1 channel (2004)
Media: M1 channel
Target audience: youth aging from 12 to 17
Continuing the tradition of cooperation with M1 channel, Elena Franchuk ANTIAIDS Foundation designed informational products targeting youth to broadcast on the 1st of December, the World AIDS Day.
International Candle Light Memorial Day on M1 channel (2004)
Media: M1 channel
Target audience: youth aging from 12 to 17

May 16th is the International Candle Light Memorial Day. This day the Elena Pinchuk ANTIAIDS Foundation aspires not only to recollect those who passed away, but also to make something real to protect the alive. On May 16, the joint informational project of the ANTIAIDS Foundation and M1 TV-channel takes its start, which is targeted at most vulnerable part of our society -- the youth. The principle idea of the project is the attempt to start conversation with youth on “their language”. The goal of the project is to remind them about the victims of the epidemics and give them a motive to think of their future.

On May, 16 the M1 TV-channel will place the red ribbon in its right upper corner, the international symbol of struggle against AIDS. Within the day there will be a counter on the screen displaying periodicity with which people in the world die of AIDS. More than 25 million people died of AIDS already, and each 8 seconds the list of victims is replenishing with a new name. The stylized prompts-reminders about ways of protection from being infected are also included into the channel air network.

On the Foundation’s initiative the HIV-positive people from different cities of Ukraine are invited to the live air. Real life stories of contemporaries can have a much stronger influence on the change of the behaviour among the youth, than any informational or advertising materials. The guys, invited to the studio, want to share their life stories, and their destiny divided by the diagnosis on "before" and "after", about the attitude of the surrounding people to them. 

29.11.2003 - 16.05.2004
"Lets stop AIDS before it stops us" campaign
Media: national TV channels - 1+1, Inter, ICTV, Novy channel, STB, 1
Target audience: general population (age 14-45 years old)
Versions of the PSA's: 30" + 15", 45" + 15"
It is considered to be the first large-scale informational campaign in Ukraine that covered all leading national TV channels and arranged by individuals on their initiative and with their funds. The campaign was launched in November 29th, 2003, on the World AIDS Day eve. On the initiative of ANTIAIDS Foundation this campaign united resources of the biggest Ukrainian commercial TV channels and facilitated the first social campaign in Ukraine. The main purpose of the informational campaign is to attract attention to HIV/AIDS problem, to dramatize the problem in consciousness of Ukrainian people as well as to change the attitude of people to the problem.

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